Home Is Where Their Heart Is

The Mets return home to take on the San Francisco Giants this weekend at Citi Field.  We know where the Mets’ hearts are (I’ll explain that in a moment); let’s just hope the Giants left their bats in San Francisco.

The Mets went 9-1 on their last home stand, but followed that up with a dismal 2-4 road trip, with two of those losses coming against the Phillies.  Seems like they’re having some trouble on the road…

At home, the Mets are sporting a modest 11-5 record so far this season.  However, take them out of Citi Field, and they are 4-8.

Does that say something about the fans?  Could we possibly be the tenth man on the field, despite the bitterness and disappointment suffered the last three seasons?  I’d like to think we do have something to do with it.

I’ve only been to one game so far this season.  Unfortunately, it was the Santana loss to the Nationals.  However, the crowd seemed so much more into the game than all six games I went to last year combined.  (Mind you, this was before the arrival of Ike Davis. It was however, Jose Reyes’s second game back.)

Who says Mets fans have lost their touch?