Clutch or Not, This Team Can Fight

One of the positive things that I have been seeing from this team in the past few weeks is the way they seem to always fight. At times a hit with a runner on base seems to be too tall of an order and it can be very frustrating for a fan. However, when at the times when the team is backed into a corner they seem to not lay down and die like we have seen many times in year’s past. This is the kind of baseball that is enjoyable to watch and the kind that keeps the fans into the games. Too many times last year would the game be 3-0 in the first inning and in my head the game would be over.

This year things seem to be different, and in the back of any fan’s head must be some thought that they will come back. This was such an important element in the 2006 team that was one of the best at showing fight late and never giving up. I am not by any means saying this team is as good as the 06 team which was one hit away from being NL Champs, but they do show some similarities that I have not seen in a long time.

The reasons for this are really any one’s guess, but I have to believe that there is something going on with the chemistry of this team. Could the youth movement going on with this team bring some energy and determination at the end of games? Maybe. Could Wright and Reyes’ feel like they can take more of a leadership role with the departure of Delgado? Maybe. Whatever it is, I like they way this team shows fight and hope this leads to many more comebacks and late inning victories, as I see this as the most exciting kind of baseball to watch as a fan.