A Naive Baseball Fan

I’m tired of it. Sitting here and reading this site on a daily basis, I’ve had enough of the people calling each other racist and making comments about gender and anything else that falls into that category. I understand that everyone is allowed their own opinion, but I guess jokingly or not, the comments have become a little too much. I can take a joke and I don’t take offense to much, because nobody has ever called me out on this site for being young. I’d like to step out, in the name of being naive, and proclaim that I don’t see anybody on this site as racist or sexist. This is a baseball blogging site and I guess I just wonder sometimes about the mindsets of some of the people that come through here.

Admittedly, many intelligent people come write for and come through this site, including those who run their own blog sites, whether their ideals differ or not. Within that, we come to realize that a flurry of different people come around. Young and old, man and woman, New Yorkers and Non-New Yorkers…and within those differences lie different ideals. Those who like sabermetrics and those who don’t. Those who trust stats and those who do. Those who prefer to criticize or boo and those who prefer to cheer all the way. In a nutshell, reading this site and the comments posted tend to offer such a variety of opinions that I feel a unique environment has been created here.

Lately, there have been a million reasons to criticize the Mets. Santana’s velocity is down. Perez can’t hit the strike zone. Wright is striking out more than Mark Reynolds. The offense is dead. Reyes and Wright are getting ejected…yeah, did I miss anything? It’s funny, because when things are going bad, everyone seems to come up with their own little ideas about what’s wrong and who should be doing what. Admittedly, I do it myself because it seems to be in the job of a fan to do that.

I figure you must be sitting there wondering what the point of all this is. I felt the need to proclaim something to the world today. I am a naive baseball fan, because I wish we could take it back to the days when baseball was still a game. Not getting into the idea that baseball is a business, people have tried to predict everything in baseball and put it down to a system of numbers. And no, that statement is not directed at saber-heads, because all fans try to do it.

I really wish baseball could still be a game. I always refer to Bob Lemon’s quote :

“Baseball is a kids game, and grownups just mess it up.”

If I were to sum up everything I was trying to say here, and probably didn’t say very well…I am naive because I want baseball to be a game. The game that made people forget about their problems for 9 innings. I want saber-heads and people like me who don’t accept sabermetrics, to get along flawlessly. I want pitchers to be able to throw more than 100 pitches. I don’t want people to boo. Why?  Because I’m still the kid who cheers at every home run and frowns at each first opposing hit.

No matter how good you are, you still lose one-third of your games. Through the wins and losses, players will go through streaks – hot and cold. Most of us try to get inside the players’ heads, as if we’ve stepped onto the MLB field before. We all wish we had all the answers and we all wish we knew what would happen next. Truth is, no matter, you’ll never see it all. There will never be a way to predict who will do what, even if we’ll get pretty close to it with Saber.

It might just be that baseball isn’t as important as it used to be. It might be that through all the information available to us and the intelligence of the general public, we sometimes forget to sit back, relax, and ENJOY baseball. There’s always a time to criticize but…maybe once, we all need to sit back and relax for a while. Stop criticizing the Mets and each other. No, I’m not saying to do it forever. Just for a game, and we’ll see what it feels like.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll feel like 1986 all over again.