Why Gary Matthews Jr. Should Be Released Now

I generally choose to avoid personal biases due to how it affects my writing, but this is one that cannot go unheard for much longer. I’ve witnessed 25 at bats that could’ve gone to Angel Pagan being wasted all because Omar Minaya has to prove he didn’t make a stupid trade. Gary Matthews Jr. should either be Triple A fodder or released/traded/sent into space in a 1985 Datsun.

Now, I wouldn’t wish him to be sent into space in such a fine automobile without my logic and reasoning.

First – Watching him waste plate appearances is atrocious. Gary Matthews Jr. looks like he has absolutely no idea what is coming, from either side of the plate he hits from. He is clueless. 

Second – It is understandable that we should carry a back up outfielder, but why would we carry a fairly light-hitting, and according to UZR, a well below average outfielder at all of the OF spots? His at-bats even in a pinch hitting role would be much more productive if given to Met refugee Nick Evans, the man we essentially traded 2 draft picks for (by not offering Billy Wagner arbitration) Chris Carter, or even minor league masher Mike Hessman.

Third – Gary Matthews Jr. has no business starting, on any team.

Which brings me to the stuff that proves I am not some sort of wall-climbing, home-run-robbing hater – facts and numbers. GMJ is batting .200 with 11 K’s in 25 AB’s. He has walked 4 times, but you subtract the 2 walks from the 7-6 loss to the Marlins aka “Walkfest 2010” and your left with 2 walks. Take off those two walks from his .310 OBP which is already fairly atrocious, and your left with a .241 OBP. Did i mention he hit leadoff in the first game of the season? Someone who has almost managed to strike out in nearly half his plate appearances was batting leadoff and has received playing time over Angel Pagan? Mike Jacobs struck out 7 times in 24 at bats just to give you an idea of the ineptitude GMJ possesses. He is slugging .273 on the season – and is being outmuscled by heavy-hitter Luis Castillo and his .286 slugging percentage.

Gary Matthews Jr. – you may be a phenomenal clubhouse presence, and a great mentor, and tons and tons of other factors that cannot be measured in values less then 2.5 million dollars (sorry Cora, i’ll leave you alone for that diving catch into the stands..after this last stab) but you have no business receiving at bats outside of batting practice. I would rather watch Mike Pelfrey and John Maine have a home run derby in Citi Field then to witness you leech at-bats.

Mike Jacobs was just DFA’d for the same level of ineptitude – so when Beltran is ready I would appreciate it if the Mets brass banish GMJ to the 7th layer of hell also known as Buffalo.