The Mets Gave Me Some Tickets To Ride

For years my brother and I had been seven pack ticket holders over at Shea Stadium. I was upset last year when the Mets masterminds decided to do away with seven packs, and only offer a fifteen game package. For me fifteen games just wasn’t doable, not only from a financial point, but for family reasons. My brother did opt for the fifteen games. This year we were both thrilled to find out the Mets were bringing back the six pack plan, and since my brother was a fifteen game holder last year, we had on option to buy during a “pre-sale”, and get “preferred” seating! I was a happy guy, I would be going to Citi Field six times this year to see my beloved Mets.

Last night was out first game. Our seats were in the Promenade, section 526, row 17. The 17th row, how bad could it be, right? It turns out that row 17 in the Promenade is the very last row in the stadium! This is preferred seating?! The only thing I had a premium view of was the jets landing at La Guardia airport!

It seems that once again the Wilpons and company have spat upon their loyal fans. Here we have a group of fans that agreed to support this franchise, that does in fact have a dwindling fan base, and they get rewarded by sitting closer to the airplanes than the field.

I was so cold in the last row Friday night, that we decided to walk around on the lower levels. We stood by the rails in the outfield and watched as ushers and security removed fans from seats that weren’t theirs. It was truly amazing to me that the Citi Field stormtroopers would remove paying fans from seats that would otherwise remain empty.

The big question I have is whether or not to use my remaining tickets. I’m questioning if I want to to continue to make Fred & Jeff richer, or if I would be better off going to local bar for those games. It cost $19 dollars to park at Citi Field. Five games at $19 each is $95. Then of course there’s food and beverage at the stadium. I know I would be better off spending that type money at the local bar, at least I’d get a seat at the bar and a buy back or two.

Once again, Fred & Jeff illustrate how much they just don’t get it. Hiding loyal fans in the Ueker seats just isn’t the answer.