The Kids Are Growing Up

Last night Ike Davis made his major league debut, going 2-4 with an RBI.  Jonathan Niese pitched a good game and Jenrry Mejia closed the game out for the win.  It was a good night for the franchise prospects.

I remember not too long ago there were reports that the farm system was dead.  Some blamed it on the Johan Santana trade, but go ahead and look at what the prospects we traded away did since being traded to the Twins. 

Others blamed it on bad decisions from Omar Minaya up to the Wilpons who don’t like to spend money on draft picks.  However, this season is showing that the farm system was not dead; it was a live and well.  I don’t have a crystal ball and cannot tell you what is in store for Niese, Davis and Mejia but the future does look bright.  Niese has had 2 good outings, Mejia has looked good and Davis continued his Spring success in Triple A before being called up yesterday afternoon.

I like the fact that last night those 3 prospects played in the game and helped the Mets get a win.  I like the energy that these 3 guys are brining.  Last night felt a little different than other days have this season.  The Mets still had their problems but instead of the constant barrage of negativity there were some positive feelings about this team even if the fans did boo Garry Matthews Jr.

These kids are going to have hard times, that’s a given in any major league career.  They’re going to have games to forget about but I really feel that there will be more memorable games.  The talent is there and these guys are hungry. 

Davis might be a rookie, he’s only played in one game but he didn’t look nervous and when talking to the media he had a very easy going demeanor, something that he’s going to need while playing in New York.  Niese before that ugly looking injury last season showed signs of being the pitcher the Mets thought he was capable of and while he had a bad start in Colorado he’s had 2 good starts that show his potential.  Mejia has bounced back nicely from giving up the game winner and while he needs to develop his secondary pitches he has impressed so far as a member of the bullpen.

Everyone loves signing big name free agents in the off season but there’s a different feeling when a young kid who has started at the bottom of the organization makes it to the big leagues.  For someone who really follows their team its rewarding seeing the progress a prospect makes throughout his career.  I look forward to seeing Davis, Mejia and Niese at Citi Field for years to come.