Thank You Mets Fans… You Did It Again!

Last night I took a look at my weekly stats report from the week of April 18-24 and was surprised to see that MMO had reached another milestone. It’s been a while since I shared some sire info, so I thought, hey why not…

Monday April 19th, 2010 will forever go down as the day that Mets first baseman Ike Davis made his Major League Debut and sparked the team into an exciting dash for first place in the NL East. Hopefully, the amazing start to Ike’s career is just the tip of the iceberg, and fifteen years from now in the year 2025, we’ll peel back April 18th from our Mets Page-A-Day Desk Calendars, and we’ll see this…

Back in March we had another great milestone when we surpassed 11,000 unique visits in one day. That measures how many different computers logged onto our site in one 24 hour period in March. Wow… And while I’m thrilled and humbled that so many of you enjoy reading the wonderful content that our amazing writers put out, I’m so overwhelmed by how many of you check back again and again for new posts throughout the day.

None of us here are compensated for what we do. It’s a labor of love for the Mets and everyone of you. It’s taken a few years to find the perfect balance of bloggers who could deliver the kind of unique and original content that will reach out to the vast majority of Mets fans whose fandom comes in all shapes and sizes. We try not to cater to just a portion of Mets fans, but all Mets fans. I believe that we have achieved that. The evidence is in our traffic which just continues to grow exponentially. We see it in our comments too.

We have fantastic writers like Ed Leyro, Stephen Hanks, Danny Krieger, Rob Silverman, Joe Spector, Richard Marsh and Doug Branch for Mets fans who love to read and enjoy a historical context mixed in with their daily dose of Mets.

For those of you want your Mets posts dripping with raw emotion and strong opinions, we have Russell Zanca, Mike Farley, Greg Pomes, Denise Winter and Mike Lloyd. I’m also pleased to announce that beginning this week, Taryn Cooper of My Summer Family will be lending her talents to MMO. You all know her as Coop. and her passion for the Mets is well documented and legendary.

If you want 100% positive posts even under the direst of circumstances, then feast on the writings of Yusef Marshall, Brandyn Cooper and the always optimistic Kelly Horn who also helps keep things running behind the scenes. And wait until you find out who has just agreed to join the fold… You want optimism? You’re about to get it personified. 

We can also be very objective as well as passionate, and bloggers like Phil Hoops, Michael J. Branda,  Timothy Gerwing, Tom Schneider, Anthony Cozzette and Gary Levitan can make a convincing argument using trends, stats or good old fashioned logic. Most of the time, they’ll even teach you a new thing or two.

In addition to over a dozen more new and contributing writers, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Satish Ram, Rob Johnson, Sach Chandan, Elliot Teichman of 213 Miles From Shea, Will Sommer of Mets Fans Forever, Sean Kenny, Jeff Spencer, and of course Tejesh from Mets Prospect Hub. These are the people who grind it out from week to week and keep us posted on any significant Mets news, game recaps and previews, the NL East Report, exclusive features like Player of the Week, and of course the always insightful Mets Minor League reports. 

These are the people behind MMO, and I couldn’t say thanks without mentioning all of them. They are the reason you keep coming back again and again and again.

As for you… our wonderful readers… there are not enough words to convey our deep appreciation. Thanks so much for your continuing support.

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