Our Offense Needs To Step It Up

The pitching this young season has been great.  I don’t think that anyone can honestly say they thought the pitchers, be it the rotation or the bullpen would perform the way they have so far.  Every expert said that the Mets couldn’t contend in 2010 because of the starting pitching after Johan but the starters, especially Mike Pelfrey have proven those experts wrong.  The pitchers have stepped up this season, now it’s time for the offense to do the same.

David Wright has been striking out at an alarming rate.  So far this season David has 24 strikeouts.  Wright’s batting average is just .222.  Wright has looked completely lost at the plate.  In most cases it seems he does not even swing until the count is in favor of the pitcher.  He’s letting pitches right down the middle go by and then striking out on the low breaking stuff.  Wright is either striking out with runners on or he’s grounding into a double play.  Of course Wright isn’t the only culprit.  Jason Bay for most of the season so far has also had a hard time getting on but it seems he’s starting to turn it around.

Bay though has also looked lost at the plate.  Swinging at bad pitches while letting good ones go by or just down right striking out.  He’s not getting guys home when they’re on base even though he batting cleanup and it’s his job to drive runners in.

Of course it is kind of hard to drive runners home if they don’t get on base.  Reyes once he came back was struggling at the plate to get on, but he did miss Spring Training and it seems he’s turning the corner.  Pagan is currently not hitting all that much either.  As the leadoff guy he needs to get on base so that Reyes, Bay and Wright can drive them home.  Castillo I won’t even talk about, he’s playing well but he’s a singles hitter at best.  Jeff Francoeur all through his career has always been a streaky hitter so it’s not much of a surprise that he started out really hot and has now cooled off a little.  Hopefully he goes on a hot streak soon.  Davis is too new to really be evaluated but I do like what I see.  Barajas and Blanco are on the Mets for their defense and they are doing a great job there.

I’m happy the Mets are winning right now.  Just think how good they will be once the offense steps up and helps the pitching out.  It has to be hard for the pitchers to go out there every game knowing that they have to be next to perfect to keep the team in the game.  There will be days when the pitching is off and the offense is going to have to return the favor and deliver to be successful this year.  Hopefully today’s double header will see the offense and the pitching working as one.