MMO Mail Bag – Pedro And Other Problems

Kevin L. asks – I still don’t understand why we haven’t made an attempt to sign Pedro Martinez.  I read that the Phillies are trying to sign him again.  Aren’t we more in need of him than the Phillies?

Pedro has no interest in returning to the Mets, a team with playoff hopes diminishing as we speak.  He wants to play for a winner and only wants to pitch half a season at most.  Before the Mets do anything, they have to right the ship.  If things don’t improve, that could include changes in Manager and General Manager.  At this time, Pedro is not at all on the Mets radar.

Lisa P. writes – This team looks dead from the neck up.  Where is the excitement and enthusiasm?  They have no life.  Isn’t this the manager’s fault?

There are many problems.  Certainly some can be blamed on Jerry Manuel.  But at least after the first two weeks, the problems go much further than just Jerry.  It’s hard to have “life” when John Maine gives up eight two out runs in three innings.  Who wouldn’t be hanging their heads.  Jerry can be criticized for many things, but I don’t think any decisions cost the Mets a game.  On the other hand, someone has to take the fall for poor and lifeless play.  So Jerry is certainly on the hot seat.  Sometimes a managerial change does jump start a team.  So don’t look for the Mets to wait too long in canning Jerry.

Kramer 67 asks – In retrospect, wouldn’t it have been better to sign John Lackey instead of Jason Bay?

Looking at it objectively, it is just too early to make such a call.  But one could definitely argue that the Mets number one priority should have been pitching.  However, remember, Lackey didn’t seem to want the Mets.  Bay and some sort of starting pitching would have been the way to go, but the Mets did not make one move on the starting pitching front.  That is not second guessing.  Everyone was saying that as it happened.

Anonymous writes – Our bench looks horrible!  Couldn’t we just bring up Chris Carter and let one of Tatis, Matthews and Catalanotto go?

Right now with the exception of Jeff Francoeur and the relief pitching everything looks horrible.