Jerry Manuel Continues To Mismanage This Team

Coming into 2010 we knew that there would be questions regarding the pitching, we knew that there were guys coming back from injuries and we also knew that the Mets needed a good start for Jerry Manuel to keep his job as the manager.  The Mets haven’t started good, losing their first 2 series to the Marlins and Nationals at home.  They’re currently 2-4 in the standings putting them in last place in the division.  The Mets start a road trip tonight against The Rockies, a team favored by some to be playoff contenders and then after Colorado they face the Cardinals, a team that is a lock to win the Central division.  It’s hard to envision the Mets winning much on this road trip and it looks like Jerry Manuel’s days are numbered and that’s a good thing as he continues to mismanage this team.

The way Manuel continues to set his lineup is dumbfounding.  Gary Matthews JR. is a below average fielder and even worse hitter.  He does not posses much speed on the base paths and should be coming off the bench to pinch hit.  Speaking of Center Fielders Angel Pagan should be starting everyday until Carlos Beltran returns.  I know some will cite his questionable baseball IQ but he’s a better fielder, he can hit and can run the bases.  Pagan is a good number two hitter and would be good batting behind Reyes instead of nice guy and future manager of some big league team Alex Cora.  Also can anyone explain to me why Jeff Francoeur is not batting higher in the lineup?  He’s currently the best hitter on the team but on Sunday he’s hitting behind Mike Jacobs.  I know Jerry is trying to split up the righties but he’s hurting this team by doing this.

Jerry doesn’t understand how to run a bullpen; we all know that by now.  The way he works the pen they’ll be exhausted by June when the next manager takes over.  Take Sunday’s game for an example.  Santana had a horrible 1st inning but seemed to fix himself afterwards.  After the 5th inning Johan had pitched 87 pitches.  The rotation can’t pitch more than 6 innings and the bullpen constantly gets called on to work the final innings.  Santana could’ve pitched one more inning and give the pen a little rest yet the “gangsta” decides to use the pen early.

After Sunday’s game Jerry said that his team was not prepared to face Livan Hernandez.  First off how can a manager say publicly that his team was unprepared?  Secondly, it’s your job to prepare these guys.  Livan pitched on this team just last year before he was released in August.  These guys saw what he can do, he’s not a rookie but they were unprepared?  I say Omar should fly up to Colorado and fire Jerry Manuel at 3:00 in the morning for this comment alone.  Jerry shouldn’t have been brought back in the first place yet he’s given a reprieve and he claims his team was unprepared to play, that’s enough for dismissal as far as I’m concerned.

The Mets schedule is tough coming up, after their road trip they play the Cubs, Braves and Dodgers before starting a road trip in Philadelphia.  I think if the Mets are under .500 by the end of the month Jerry Manuel might not make it to June as I think Omar in another example of self preservation will fire the “gangsta” and it can’t come soon enough!