Is There Something Wrong With Johan?

As of right now Johan Santana will be pitching once again on 6 days rest which gives him an extra day off.  Normally this would be a good thing but Johan is not a typical pitcher.  For some reason Johan has trouble pitching on extra rest.  It’s somewhat dumbfounding but that is the case with Johan.  The Mets have to know this by now so of course they are going to pitch him with the extra day’s rest.

With Johan’s troubling record with an extra day’s rest I have to ask the question: is there something wrong with Johan?  Is there a physical reason why Johan needs extra rest?  Johan is coming off of elbow surgery but according to him and the team he’s fine and at 100%.  Johan did not have good numbers during Spring Training but what was most troubling was his velocity.  Johan was having trouble reaching 90 but on Opening Day he had a good outing and the velocity was good.

Sunday’s 1st inning against the Nationals saw Johan struggle.  Johan would eventually allow 5 runs in that game.  Sunday’s game showed that Johan is not good on extended rest but that is not stopping the Mets from resting him again. This team has brought it on itself that I have to question their motives and reasoning.  We have heard that if Johan is hurt than this team has no chance and that is 100% true.  The team in the past have put their own needs ahead of their players.  We saw that a bunch of times last year.

Hopefully this is just more mismanagement from Jerry Manuel and not a way for the Mets to hide an injury because that fallout is something the Mets just don’t need right now.  Hopefully Johan will perform like the Johan of old or this season is truly lost.