I’ll Give The Mets An April 30th Deadline

No, it’s not the trading deadline, although at times I wish it were. I have already gone on record as an advocate for optimism when it comes to our orange and blue clad warriors. Reason being, it was near impossible to judge what we had while just watching games that don’t count as well as not knowing who would actually make the team. I try in every area of my life to be honest and consistent. Honestly, the Mets have some big problems and making a move here and a move there will not resolve them. Consistently, they fail as a team and an organization to do the right things day in and day out. Playing the correct players. Bringing the right mix of players to the team to positively affect chemistry, character, and baseball I.Q. Consistency in pitching performances. I can’t even say anything negative about the bullpen. They haven’t allowed a run in 12 plus innings. Then we have to watch the Mets bats and the transformation of fastballs into change-ups, thereby nullifying them and making the opposing hitters slap happy for meatball sandwiches if you know what I mean.

April 30th is my deadline to determine if we are in real trouble here. Enough trouble to have to make drastic changes even this early. Why? Coming off a 70-92 season and three years of disappointment, slow starts (to most other teams’ fans) are not a great area of concern but that doesn’t sit well with the Mets fans. We have been sold a bill of goods and we know it. With the way the season went down last year, we got the impression that significant changes will be made but we’ve yet to see them come to fruition. To be honest, this isn’t the first year that this has happened. Just a year where the light of inadequacy shined a little brighter than in other times. I believe that our team can compete but I’m not totally convinced that this current formation is what will afford them the opportunity. Something is clearly wrong here. One would only hope that the organization doesn’t wait until August to try to fix what is clearly broken. For me, April 30th is a defining moment for the team. They will be going into an important series with the NL East Champion Phillies. If they are not out of the cellar by then or middle of the pack at least, there will be more important things to worry about than just the boo-birds (whom by the way I have no problem with. They pay good money and Mets fans in general have been faithful and patient). The only other way to voice their displeasure is to not show up at the games. If there is not respectability by the end of the month, that scenario could play out too.

C’mon, look at the moves that were made lately. Does anybody out there in the blogosphere understand what is going on? Can you see the rhyme or the reason? I advocated Chris Carter at first base because I believed that a bat was needed to turn around the Mets’ woes especially in specific situations at the plate. Instead, we have a Jake and Tatis platoon. (Tatis is immobile offensively and defensively) Jacobs is 2 for 15 after breaking out of the 1 for 13 slump. Carter is still hitting at .273 with a HR and a triple. Even Ike Davis is hitting .400 with a HR and 2 doubles. Wasn’t the point of Jake being in that spot was for his hitting? I’m sure his bat should come around but we don’t need a slow start, brothers and sisters. That’s the last thing we need. It could just be me, but my experience watching this club says that when confidence is down, it often stays down. I don’t know why. That’s just what happens. Not to pile on, but now Ollie pitches 5 and 2/3, giving up 4 R’s, 4 H’s, and 4 BB’s, never throwing a pitch over 89 mph. Sean Green (who “beat” Valdes and a couple others for a bullpen spot. Enter your Figgy reference here.) is now on the DL with a small tear near his rib cage. GMJ is not swinging the bat very effectively as of late. Castillo is..Castillo. Now Santana’s fastball looks just like his changeup. Overall, no higher than the 80’s either.

It’s not always good to copy other teams. You should have your own formula and style sometimes. However, this is a time where we should copy other teams. The Braves were smart and gutsy in playing Jason Heyward even though he’s young and inexperienced. He has what it takes to play here so let him play. The White Sox played Gordon Beckham two months in the season following his signing. Brian Matusz of the Orioles was a 2008 first round pick. Pedro Alvarez. Brett Wallace. Etcetera. It probably won’t take long for Aroldis Chapman and Stephen Strasburg to come up for good. When we will take a chance on Ike Davis like we are with Jenrry Mejia? Wouldn’t you rather have a group of young guys that are hungry and have plenty of fight in them? Guys that are not ‘smart’ enough to know that the Mets have a poor history against the Braves or were not part of the collapses? Sometimes ignorance is bliss. When will this team make the changes that the general core of Mets fans have been clamoring for for months? When will they put out a product that will restore the faith and bring the excitement that lies dormant in the Orange and Blue Nation? For me, April 30th is a defining moment in history. We will know all we need to know about our pitching staff, our lineup, the organization’s direction, and most of all, how far they are willing to go to win. As previously posted and even implied in brief today, I believe that the Mets future and present is within the organization right now. We should make trades during the upcoming deadline and any moves that better the team but there is a group of players that, if the organization recognizes this and puts them on the field at the same time, will compete with anybody in the league. That’s all any self respecting Mets fan can ask for, right? Tick, tock. Tick, tock.