If Momentum Is Tomorrow’s Starting Pitcher, Mets Have None…

John Maine’s outing last evening brought out concern from the manager. He’s not the only one, is he Met Nation? Because of the high pressure and microscope the Mets currently operate under and the fact they don’t have anything of note SP wise on the farm, they really don’t have much latitude or depth to make changes in the rotation at this time… Maybe Hisanori Takahashi for John Maine, but beyond that, it’ll be tough.

It’s been said before in baseball that momentum is only as good as tomorrow’s starting pitcher. If true, the Mets may have trouble stringing together any victories this season.

Reality bites! John Maine will never again win 15 games in the big leagues. Never. His velocity is gone. Possibly forever. His quotes from last night about not needing to throw 95 to be successful are ludicrous. When has he had consistent success NOT throwing 93-95 MPH? His statement about needing to get the ball down in the strike zone is ridiculous as well. Maine has gotten swings and misses in the past with his rising 95 mile an hour heater. It’s gone folks.  Not needing to throw hard anymore? Is this what Met Prevention and Recovery means? Don’t allow guys to throw with velocity for fear of injuring their arm?

Johan Santana has velocity issues related to either his arm strength or his surgery from this past off season or the wear of all those innings throughout his career… Jon Niese is essentially a rookie, who will provide uneven performances throughout this season… Oliver Perez is replicating his delivery, with proper mechanics throwing 87 to 90 MPH. Not good enough.  Mike Pelfrey, has lost velocity from his opening seasons, and, although he pitched well his first start, there has to be fear that he will go back to his tongue chewing, inconsistent ways.

Dan Warthen, when he replaced Rick ‘The Jacket’ Peterson, was supposed to get more swings and misses by telling his pitchers to let fly with the baseball…Guess that didn’t work out, did it Mr. Warthen? The Mets walked the world last season, and walked the world last night.

Warthen has asked pitchers on this staff to throw consistent strikes. He’s tweaked mechanics to foster this increased control so as not to walk as many batters. But at what cost? Has it worked? Not at this point…

The ability to throw hard is what made John Maine and Oliver Perez winning pitchers. Minus that ability, they just aren’t good enough to get by on their pitching savvy and knowledge because neither has enough.

Dan Warthen should be on the hot seat before Jerry Manuel. Under Warthen’s tutelage, the Met staff has regressed.  Why? Is the whole pitching philosophy of this organization to just stay healthy and the talent will carry us? If it is, then Omar and Jerry have grossly miscalculated the talent on hand.

For a franchise rich in pitching tradition, the present incarnation of the Met starting staff is an absolute disaster. Seeing Maine’s starts  has left me longing for the days of Steve Trachsel…

Jerry Manuel, in a start by Mike Pelfrey 2 years ago, used the term “Filthy…Absolutely Filthy” when describing Big Pelf’s stuff. I would use the same term to describe the Starting Pitching.