How Long Before We Start To Worry?

I know, I know. Its only been three games. And while the Season Opener was nothing short of “amazin”, and the team did show signs of fight (and patience) in game two, I can’t help but revert back to feelings of concern and panic after last night’s loss.

The optimists will tell me to calm down, that, “Its only been a week!” But pretty soon, it will “only be a month”. And then, it will “only be the first half”. When does it become not too early to worry anymore?

The pessimists will agree with me. They will find fault in every move the Mets make. They will rip Fernando Tatis a new one for being thrown out at the plate the other night on an attempt to score on a passed ball with one David Wright at the plate. Personally, I don’t fault him for trying to score. Had he not, these same pessimists would be ripping him a new one for not trying to score. The same way the Mets tried the suicide squeeze on Opening Day, is the way Tatis had to try to score. Take chances early. If you are successful, you will be more confident to take chances all year long. Those chances could make the difference, when all is said and done. If they fail, you learn how to make them work next time.

It pains me to think of another disappointing and losing season. But that only proves my loyalty to my team. If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t, well, care.

Is this the old Mets or the new? Has this team changed at all? Is it going to be another year of looking forward only to a Santana start? (And then hoping he gets some run support?)

I don’t want to form any premature opinions on this team. However, the Mets (and their fans) better pay closer attention to what goes on this year, otherwise we may end up at the bottom of the NL East. At least then, there’s only one way to go – up!

On a side note, special thanks to Joe D for welcoming me back to this amazing MMO staff!!! I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away too long 🙂 LGM!!!