Forgotten Man: What To Do With Murphy…

We’ve all enjoyed the remarkable return of a contending Mets team. Make no mistake either, this team is a contender and will contend. It’s amazing what a 23 year old AAA callup will do for a floundering and monumentally boring team…(and some good starting pitching)   Thank you Ike Davis, because, coincidentally, since you were recalled the Mets have been reborn. Jeff Francouer’s pie to the face wasn’t just for Ike, it was a wakeup call to a team that had shown little early on…with the exception of a great opening day victory for the Met masses, and a few beauties by Mike Pelfrey.

All this has brought an interesting problem to this franchise… The Mets have quite a bit of time and development in one Daniel Murphy. Now, I am vexed as to where he will play. His bat is major league. (as long as he reverts to his ’09 batting stance) But his fielding is nowhere near as smooth as Ike’s…

Ike Davis is right now, solidifying his place in the Met lineup and clubhouse for the next ten years. Who the heck knows what young Mr.Murphy’s doing…Is he rehabbing, is he running yet? The sound of crickets coming from Citifield only gets louder the more questions are asked. The Mets appear as vexed as I am. However, the Mets are vexed because they have no idea how to tell Murphy, he’s not as good as Ike Davis, and that because of his injury, he has lost the 1st base gig.

What a shame. Such a talented young hitter who, defensively hasn’t been blessed with the same or close to the same skills as offensively.

Murphy, who has been a good teammate, and consummate professional, having done all that was asked of him, including trying to learn LF and 1B on the fly, again finds himself on the outside looking in. Through no fault of his own Daniel Murphy may have punched his ticket out of town, by simply spraining his knee in a rundown.

I would like to see Daniel stay with the Mets, but where will he play defensively? The outfield is a no-no. Been there, done that. I’ve seen suggestions about 2nd base, a position he was asked to try in Arizona a few winters’ back. But, he isin’t adequete enough to play that position on this level…It appears Mr. Murphy is a victim of circumstance.

Murphy has been the good soldier, but Ike is commander-in-chief of 1st base now,

This should be a warning to the Mets, their fans, and all of baseball, when you rush a player because of a lack of depth, you may enhance one aspect of a players development, (in this case Murph’s bat) but you detract from another, (the complete development of Daniel’s defensive skills.)

I’m not saying that Dan Murphy isin’t a good player, but circumstances have dictated that Murphy best become a more versatile one. Unfortunately, it will have to be on the minor league level, or, with an entirely new organization.