First Week. First Impressions?

I know it’s only one week into this season. We still have 25 more to go. I am in no way giving up on the 2010 Mets. That being said I am feeling pretty pessimistic right now. Am I the only one?

As we Mets fans always do, we hope for the best but somewhat prepare for the worst. Safe to say that after an unproductive off-season, the majority of us do not expect a championship this year. But still, we trudge along rooting for our team being cautiously optimistic. 

There’s still a very long way to go this year. But after one week of play, with an exception here and there, nothing has shown me hope of a better tomorrow. I realize it’s a marathon and not a sprint. And all the other clichés. However, as of April 11, there’s really nothing I can cling to.

Week One has been a rough one. After an impressive 7-1 trouncing of Florida on Opening Day, highlighted by a David Wright HR, we’ve lost 4 of the next 5. Our record is now 2-4 and already we have claimed sole possession of the NLE basement, 3 GB of the Phillies. What concerns me is not so much the fact that we are 2-4, but that we are 2-4 against what we consider to be the weakest teams in our own division. Had we gone 2-4 against  the Phillies and Braves, we could argue the point that the lack of Reyes for 4 games and the absence of Beltran hurt us. True, we can still claim that. But 2-4 against supposedly second division teams does not bode well for our future. And keep in mind that we were home this entire week.

Did any of the events of this past week surprise you? Nothing shocked me. The bright spot as far as our starting pitching goes may be the fact that Mike Pelfrey pitched well after struggling all spring and Jon Niese earned a quality start. But are any of us truly surprised by John Maine’s performance in which he allowed 4 ER and 8 hits in his usual 5 innings of work? Or the fact that we are stuck with the same ol’ Ollie Perez who allowed 4 ER and 4 walks in 5+? The fact that our ace has an ERA of 4.91 is concerning, but again, it’s only 2 starts. We are still stranding too many runners, still not getting the big hit.

Naturally, we all hope things will change…somehow. We all want to see things turn around…sometime. At this point in 1969, the Mets were also 2-4 and Tom Seaver’s record stood at 0-1. In 86, we were 3-3 after 6 games. (But then we went on a 10 game winning streak en route to a 13-3 April.)

How are you feeling after one week?

The red flags are up. Our fears coming into this season have been confirmed after only one week. But it’s a long season. There are still 156 games remaining and anything can happen. So, as always, I am hoping for the best…but expecting the worst. And in all honesty, isn’t that what we always do as Mets fans?

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