Clutch Hitting… Or Any Hitting At All

Experts, fans and anyone with a mouth speaks of such anti-Billy Beane topics as “clutch hitting”. I am here to bring an even crazier philosophy – one so insane, that if you comprehend it you may want to be institutionalized. Its called “hitting, period”. Unfortunately, this is a crazy, next level idea that only appeals to the insane and those who may be Mets fans. Now that I’m done with the sarcastic tone, I will delve into my logic.

Regardless of the fact that a team’s BA is not an exact barometer of how well they hit as a whole due to the pitchers hitting, grounding into double plays, and placement in lineup – a team worth its salt should be good to hit at least .250 over an entire season. The 2009 Mets hit .270… putting them second in the National League – so 27% of the time they gathered hits. Now, here is where the ball begins rolling.

The Mets, in this young season. are hitting .245..which means just a tad under 25% of the time they achieve hits. Excuse my 12th grade math, but that means if they get roughly 30 at-bats, they should have 7.5 hits in 9 innings. Against the Marlins on Wednesday, April 7th, they managed 6 hits in 33 accounted for at-bats. That isn’t counting the nine Mets who reached base via the walk. To get to my point… 42 Mets walk to the plate…and only 15 reach base? The number seems shocking…15 base-runners, 6 runners – but the 6 total hits? That is anemic. Those 6 hits put the Mets at around 17% of their at-bats resulting in hits.

Now, I’m sure saber-heads would say,

“well the OBP of over .333 is tremendous! why aren’t you jumping for joy?”

I’ll tell you why, it’s because those walks were essentially given to the Mets!

They weren’t really working counts, it was just 1 ball, 2 ball, 3 ball, base! That doesn’t show growth and potential. It shows they understand that something by your eyes is a ball and something in the opposite side batters box is a ball. Here is my letter to all experts, Mets fans, soccer moms, fantasy leaguers and anyone bored enough to read this diatribe.

RE: Clutch Hitting Doesn’t Matter if You Cant Hit Period.

Until the Mets start hitting as a team, not including the efforts of Jeff “MVP” Francoeur, David Wright and the man who should be patrolling CF Angel Pagan, clutch hitting can’t exist.

The best they looked was so far was on Opening Day, and that was horrible Marlins fielding that helped make it look so good.

The Mets don’t have the pitching to win 2-1 games this year so runs need to be manufactured. I don’t care when they do it because… “every” hit is clutch this year.