Bobby Valentine Shoots Down Mets Manager Rumors

Earlier, Joe D. put up the question if the Mets should bring back Valentine as manager of the New York Mets. Moments ago, Brian Costa of the Star-Ledger reported, that  former Mets manager, Bobby Valentine, shot down any speculation today that he could return as Mets manager if Jerry Manuel is fired.

Valentine, now an analyst for ESPN, told SIRIUS XM’s Mad Dog Radio: “I don’t see that as being part of my future.”

Valentine also tried to deflect criticism of Manuel for the Mets’ poor start.

“You know, the Mets are 3-6.  It’s nine games,” Valentine said, according to a transcript provided by XM Sirius. “I mean, let’s not get crazy here. I think Jerry [Manuel], I talked to him a few times during spring training, Jerry Manuel is up for the task. I think that he has a tough road … there’s no doubt about it, and he’s got to keep his head above water until his center fielder comes back and obviously has to get that pitching staff in shape.”

I can just hear the entire Mets universe screaming, “Darn it!” now that there’s little chance that Valentine will be coming back to help the Mets turn around their already sub-par start.

Like it or not, Jerry Manuel will continue as the Mets manager for now.

Time to start looking for the best managerial candidates available NOT named Bobby Valentine.