Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break Our Stride, Or Will It?

When it comes to the Mets, there are no guarantees. We’ve all learned that and accepted it over the past three seasons. And while the team is hot right now, it still concerns me that all it takes is something minute to slow them down.

Something as small as a rain out. A rain-shortened game on Sunday and a postponement last night may not be the best thing for this team. If you recall, it was during the 2008 season that the Mets were on a roll heading into the All-Star Break. When they returned to the field three days later, it was like a different team out there.

When a team or a player is struggling, we say they need a day off to rest. Well, this team was far from struggling their last five games. Who needs rest when you are winning? Sitting idly by for a day and a half may not be the best thing for them right now. It’s not like it was a travel day, where they are catching up on sleep and making their way to or from New York. Too much time on their hands may break their concentration and momentum.

I’m just curious to see which team shows up tonight?