A Moratorium On Booing – But For How Long?

When will the booing start?  I don’t think it should.  I am proposing a moratorium on booing the Mets at Citifield.  The question is how long can it last?  There will be plenty of opportunities for booing, but hopefully many more for cheering.  Regardless Mets fans, give it a break.  No booing on Opening Day!

Scenario #1 – Luis Castillo’s first at bat in the first inning.  Cora has led off with a single.  Jerry Manuel wants to build a run and get a quick lead.  So he has Castillo sacrifice.  He does so successfully.  Do you boo Luis on the way back to the dugout?

Scenario #2 – Bottom of the 4th inning, score is 1-1.  The bases are loaded with two outs.  Jason Bay has already struck out in the 2nd inning.  He strikes out again to end the 4th inning.  I say don’t boo Jason Bay.

Scenario #3 – Top of the 6th inning, two outs, two on, score is still 1-1.  Santana throws his 100th pitch and Manuel hops up from the dugout steps to take out Johan Santana.  I know it will be tough – but don’t boo.

Scenario #4 – Sean Green comes in to relieve Santana.  As he runs in from the bullpen, zip your mouths shut.

Are Mets fans capable of mustering up the will power to not boo on Opening Day? 

We shall see very soon.  But certainly in game two, all bets are off.