2010 Gets Off To A Great Start!

I know this is a positive post and it’s only been one game but that was a big and important win for the Mets and the fans.  After the disaster of last year the Mets needed this first win behind their ace and they got that win!  Jason Bay had a good 1st day, going 2-4 with a triple and scored a run, Barajas went 2-4 hitting a double, driving in a run and scored a run, Francoeur had a hit, drove in 2 runs and he even drew walk.  Santana had a good 6 innings of work, Wright got his 1st homer of the season and the bullpen looked good.

I saw the Mets do a lot of good things yesterday afternoon:

  • The Mets were patient enough at the plate and they played good defense out in the field.
  • Jason Bay didn’t take for granted that his triple was only a double as he hustled his butt out of the batters box and got that triple.
  • Marlins made 3 errors in the game’ but unlike past seasons the Mets took advantage of those mistakes and drove up the score to give the bullpen a bigger cushion.
  • The Mets were also aggressive on the base paths, not allowing the pitchers to be comfortable on the mound which caused 2 Marlin errors.
  • I liked the attempted squeeze play as Cora is a great bunter and Pagan has great speed.
  • Nieve and K-Rod looked confident against the Marlins offense.  I also think K-Rod should keep those goggles for the rest of his Mets career.
  • Barajas behind the plate I thought called a good game.  He saw what Santana was doing well and what wasn’t working for Santana, the Mets pitching staff did not have that last year with Omir Santos behind the plate.

If I had to complain it would be:

  • Cora did go 0-4 with an RBI, Mike Jacobs went 0-4 with 2 strikeouts and Luis Castillo also went 0-4 in the game.

I don’t know what to think about Mike Jacobs batting cleanup.  I understand the logic because Jacobs will see better pitches with Bay behind him but Jacobs needs to be more patient and not swing at balls out of the strike zone.  Also pitchers are going to give Wright better pitches to hit with Jacobs behind him because Jacobs is a power threat.  I don’t expect Jacobs, Cora and Castillo to go 4-4 everyday but the team is going to need them to hit, that is 1/3 of your lineup and you need them to step up and help with the offense.

If I have to nitpick a little it’s the fact that Jerry Manuel didn’t use Jenrry Mejia today out of the bullpen in the 7th or 8th inning.  Now I know the plan is not to immediately use Mejia as the 8th inning guy but I just think with a big lead it was the perfect time to use Mejia.  Mejia would have had his first major league appearance and it would have left a little room for error to work out the nerves that I’m sure he has.

Overall it was a good Opening Day but it’s a long season that has started out good, hopefully there will be more positives than negatives this year.