The Crazies: There’s Something In The Water…

There’s something weird going on in Port St. Lucie… I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s starting to spread like wild fire…

It’s one thing when loony Jerry Manuel starts hallucinating about Jenrry “Wild Thing” Mejia being the next Mariano Rivera. After all, we’ve all become accustomed to way-out comments like that from Manuel who in addition to being a manager, gives the Mets some additional shock and entertainment value for their dollar. And getting bang for their buck hasn’t exactly been a Mets strong suit in the past decade.

However, while I mostly ignored and simply chuckled at Manuel’s suggestion, I can’t help but notice how so many are buying into the hype, including Darryl Strawberry who chimed in  – also believing Jenrry Mejia can be the next Mariano Rivera, as reported on MetsBlog. “There’s your closer,” says Straw Man.

What are they drinking at Mets spring camp these days? Somebody check the water supply…

Jenrry Mejia being compared to Mariano Rivera is just as bad as comparing Daniel Murphy to Hall of Famer Stan Musial. (Yes, somebody actually made that comparison last offseason when Murph was going to be our everyday left fielder.)

Here’s a kid in Mejia who was completely overwhelmed and out of his league when he was promoted to AA-Binghamton last season where he had a 1.51 WHIP and walked almost five batters per nine innings.  Does he show some ability? Yes he does… probably as much as past Mets stalwarts like Bill Pulsipher, Paul Wilson and Philip Humber. And let’s not forget our other closer prospect who was close to having a wing named after him in Cooperstown, Eddie Kunz.

Mejia got his ass handed to him when the Mets decided to let him face the leagues better prospects in the Arizona Fall League. Jenrry, struggled mightily and in six starts he went 1-3 with a 12.56 ERA in just 14 1/3 innings.

Can we please see some semblance of success as AA or AAA before we start with the crazy talk?

The worst thing about putting such outlandish and ridiculous expectations on one so young, is that it does nothing but mess with the kid’s head. Don’t think for a second that he hasn’t already been told by at least a dozen people who his manager compared him too?

Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer in our generation, and quite possible the best in the history of Major League Baseball. Nobody even comes close. He is a baseball god.

Right now all we know about Mejia is that he has a mid-nineties fast ball with good movement and great sink. (Mike Pelfrey anyone?) Great, what else you got for me?

He hasn’t been able to keep small villages from getting on base and scoring since he was last seen in A-Ball.

Everyone who has seen him pitch live say that Mejia is “electric”, nothing else… just “electric”.

What they don’t tell you is that every organization has at least 2-3 pitching prospects whose stuff is described as “electric” as well. Don’t believe me? Just thumb through your last three issues of Baseball America for the proof. Baseball has seen so many “electric” busts that you can provide enough enough electricity to power the entire state of Texas for the next 40 years.

Everybody take a chill pill and relax…

What happened to Brad Holt and his “electric” stuff only 12 months ago?

Toby Hyde said he had the highest ceiling in the Mets organization… Baseball America said he had the best fast ball in the 2008 draft… The Mets invited him to Spring Training last year with the hope he’d win a bullpen job… Then he went to AA, and like Mejia, hit a brick wall with a 6.21 ERA.

In four years we went from Humber to Kunz to Holt and now to Mejia. Who’s next?

Man… Nobody hypes these guys more than the Mets do…

All I’m saying is that everybody needs to calm down and remember that the Mets have not had a homegrown 20 game winner since Dwight Gooden 25 years ago.

A quarter of a century without one 20 game winner from a franchise who keeps boasting these pitchers with electric stuff.

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