Glad Omar Is Unwilling To Rush Prospects To Save Job

This Spring we’ve gotten to look at some of our young prospects and they have impressed fans, the media and the team.  The reports that the farm system was dead have been greatly exaggerated it seems.  Fernando Martinez, Ike Davis, Jon Niese and Jenrry Mejia are having great springs, so of course there has been plenty of talk about them joining the big team once camp breaks. 

Coming into Spring Training, the fifth sport in the rotation was Jon Niese’s spot to lose so it’s not a big a surprise if he makes the 25 man rotation.  Jerry Manuel has expressed his desire for Ike Davis and Jenrry Mejia to make the team, but Omar Minaya has stated on several occasions that both youngsters as well as F-Mart will start the season in the minors.

This is welcomed news that clearly shows Omar has finally learned from the mistakes of the past in rushing young talent to the majors.  Mike Pelfrey was rushed and as we have seen it ended up being wrong for the team and Big Pelf as well. Lastings Milledge was nowhere near ready when he was called up and his career has suffered ever since.  Last year F-Mart was rushed and in turn delivered terrible results until finally getting injured and missing the rest of the season.

Allowing the prospects to grow in the minors until they’re ready, might be Omar’s saving grace as he tries to make a last stand for keeping his job.  We have heard for the last few months that Omar and Jerry’s job’s are both on the line this season and they need the team to avoid a slow start.  Personally, I believel that Omar is safe for now and that he won’t be released until after the season if things do go bad, but that’s a different post all together.  I believe that due to the emergence of these solid prospects waiting in the wings, all of whom were acquired by Minaya, and his new 3 year extension which is just now kicking in, Omar will be able to save his job moving forward.  It’s a shrewd and smart move on Omar’s part to avoid rushing theses kids, but the decision could pay off handsomely when they are inevitably called upon and they make their impacts felt in the win column.

Ultimately, it’s the right move and indicates that Omar is willing to do what is best for the prospects and the team in the long run. I look forward to seeing Mejia, Davis and F-Mart all get the proper seasoning before rejoining the team and giving our franchise and it’s fans many years excitement and solid play.