Is Their Any Hope In Sight For Mets PR Image?

As all of you know by now, Jose Reyes is on a plane to NY, in order to get tested for an overactive thyroid.  While this is certainly concerning news, even if he has this condition, chances are it will be treatable and he will be ok.  What worries and concerns me however, is how inept the Mets front office is at handling information.

What other major sports organization, continuously releases contradicting reports and constant misinformation, about its star players?  This isn’t a new occurrence ladies and gents.  This has been going on for years.  This is the same organization that allowed an all-timer like Mike Piazza, to have to proclaim in a press conference, that he wasn’t gay.  These are the same keystone cops who told us that JJ Putz had passed a physical and was 100% healthy.   How can we forget Carlos Beltran’s two month “sore quad,” and “Microfracture surgery” rumors; both poetically handled by Jay Horowitz and crew.  Oh and off course, last but certainly not least, the very same Jose Reyes’ sore hamstring turning into a season long exile and then tendon removal surgery.

Is there any fact checking that occurs before a statement is issued or “leaked?”

Are there any checks and balances set up to ensure factual information is being received and delivered?

Is there any member of the Mets medical staff who can speak or write in English, or are they still all using Sanskrit?  Actually, this would be a great excuse, since it’s a dead language that can potentially get mistranslated.

I am not one of these pessimistic, doom and gloom Mets fans, which are always one slip away from the bottomless crevice.  However, I do feel that our beloved organization is a complete mess right now and forever will be, unless changes are made.  Worst of all I think that this type of inept behavior has a direct effect on what goes on between the lines.  With how important image is for today’s athlete, and how quickly and easily information gets around the globe, I can’t imagine the players feel like they are in good hands.

I worry for Jose Reyes and his health and his family…but I think he will be ok.  I worry more for our Mets and the team of warrior poets that are manning the offices at Citi Field, because I can’t imagine, how they will finally get it right.