If Sean Green Is The Disease, Joe Beimel Is The Cure

Last year we had the MetsMerized Online Awards and one of the awards was the “Aaron Heilman Award.” This award would go to the pitcher we fans least wanted to see enter a game. There was a choice of Oliver Perez, J.J. Putz, and Sean Green. I clearly voted for Green. Every time Jerry Manuel signaled for Green to enter the game, I knew the win was now at risk.

Sean Green may be the weakest link in the bullpen this season as I’m sure Jerry and Omar are going to have him in the opening day roster. Big mistake.

The 30-year-old former Mariner had a less than inaugural first season with the Mets.

2009 Split Stats
Total   79 0 1 4 1 2 14 0 0 69.2 64 37 35 5 36 54 4.52 1.44 .240  

As you can see, his runs and earned runs are well above any of the other Mets relievers, while his strike-out to walk ratio is 1.5/1. Only Ollie Perez was worse among all Mets pitchers.

When Manuel goes to Green it’s almost a surety that runs will score if they are in scoring position, costing us the lead, or on too many occasions, the win. It had almost become a matter of routine. So much so that when he entered a game I feared watching how it ultimately would unfold.

On Thursday, Sean Green’s two-thirds of an inning performance in the Mets 17-11 win against the Cardinals, gave me little hope as he gave up four runs on two hits and four walks. This after his much ballyhooed new delivery which was intended to give him better control and a consistent release point. The new delivery did none of that. Sure it was one spring game, but it mirrored what he already did for an entire season in 2009.

The best thing the Mets could do is cut their weakest link by either trading him or sending him down to AAA-Buffalo where he can work on a delivery that will actually lead to better results.

I would love to see the Mets increase their offer to free agent Joe Beimel who would be a significant upgrade and more useful as second lefthander with a proven track record of success. If the goal is to build the best bullpen we can for the 2010 season, let’s begin by replacing Green with Beimel.