Handling Of Reyes Is A Step In The Right Direction

As all Mets fans are anxiously waiting for the prognosis for the treatment of Jose Reyes later today, we should all sit back and be thankful for what the Mets have done in this situation.

The Mets are being extra cautious as they should be. The communication gap was more a case of Reyes not understanding the situation, and nothing that the Mets did improperly. 

Reyes, who was cleared to play by doctors in Florida was sent back to New York at the request of the Mets Organization and their doctors for further examination. Met fans who had to suffer through the fiasco of 2009, should take this as a positive step and a blessing in disguise.

In previous situations the Mets flown a player days after a concussion across the country in total disregard for their health. If this was the reason Ryan Church was back on the disabled list later that year, we can’t say, but we can be sure that the Mets were not using rational thought. In addition, the handling of the Beltran situation this winter made it seem the organization was leaning toward Beltran opting against surgery and rehabbing thorough his knee problems. To me all of these actions were penny wise and dollar foolish. We might have gotten to see the player back in the field quickly, but they  would eventually spent more of the season on the disabled list because they were not allowed to properly heal, leading to further complications.

In the new situation with Reyes, I am very pleased to see that the organization is being much more cautious in how they handle the star shortstop.

In the past it would not have surprised me to see Reyes playing through this weekend only to find that he is going to be out through the all-star break due to some thyroid complication that was not resolved with some simple treatment when it was diagnosed.

As we all wait patiently to see our star shortstop back on the field, I urge you to relax and be thankful for the way this is being handled.