For Manuel, 2010 Season Is A Sprint Not A Marathon

Met Nation, we are officially nearing the time when players need to start putting themselves into game shape mentally. Not just physically getting their work in, but mentally preparing for the rigors of 162 games that count. (and hopefully a few more after that)

I feel a post season berth is well within reach. It’s the old adage that “Hope springs eternal.” I think if our pitching stays healthy we’ll stay in contention.
We all know the storylines these past weeks, Mejia, Ike Davis, Bay, Rod Barajas, a healthy Johan. All good stories. All noteworthy.

Depending on the day of the week and the results from the previous days’ action you could either read articles from a positive perspective or negative. Sometimes, you could actually read the same story with both a positive spin and then read another version with a negative connotation. That’s going to happen at times. It’s the proliferation of mass media via the web. But opening day fast approaches.

It’s been said, that baseball’s 162 game season is a marathon and not a sprint… Not for our Mets however. Certainly not for our manager. The Mets season is truly only 40 games for Jerry Manuel. The old ‘Gangsta’ better have a winning formula and best push all the right buttons if he expects to see the Mets through the entirety of the season. 

Forty games is a little under a quarter of a season. In a baseball season, it’s a relatively short period.

If the Mets get off to a poor start, it will seem like an eternity for Jerry Manuel.

I want my team to win and to be viable and vibrant. To bring the best 25 north. To win and make it interesting. To have J-Man keeps his job.

An interesting aside to all this is that as of today, the Mets core veterans will again lead the charge. The core vets may have some new veteran blood to lean on. Gary Matthews Jr., Mike Jacobs, Rod Barajas, Henry Blanco all appear to have the inside track on making the team and/or replacing those players who are injured

The interesting difference between last spring and this spring is the Mets have decided that players such as Fernando Martinez, Ike Davis, Josh Thole, Ruben Tejada, and Chris Carter will not secure roster spots because of those vets. Last year, the Mets couldn’t wait to give the starting LF job to Danny Murphy. Only 131 at bats, no AAA, no problem. “Job’s yours kid.”

Hate to say this, but… Ike Davis already is a better player than Daniel Murphy. Reuben Tejada is a much better defender than Cora, and has an equal bat to him already. Fernando Martinez has shown all winter and spring that he is a talented multi dimensional player who should be playing in center field to replace the injured Beltran. Will we finally find out this year, if the kid is for real? His upside and frankly, his spring performance, is far better than that of GMJ and Angel Pagan.

The true reasons for their upcoming return to Minor League camp: J-Man and his staff are not going to allow the perceived growing pains of a few minor leaguers to ruin their 40 game season.

Should the Mets go into an early season funk, you’ll see the kiddie corps at Citi trying to keep the fans interest and keeping them spending money… What you won’t see if these vets don’t work out is Gangsta J-Man at Citi. He’ll be home in California in time for Memorial Day…