Do I Believe In Comebacks? It’s Getting Harder…

We now return you to ‘As The World Turns‘… That should be what each return from a commercial on SNY and WPIX says this exhibition season…

I am becoming more concerned as the Mets continue to have more questions than answers each day spring training continues. What drama… We should be getting closer to making cuts. Instead the questions are becoming more pronounced each day.

At first base, if Daniel Murphy is starting, he’d better abandoned that more upright stance. A .130 average in spring training provides me with that perspective. The kid just doesn’t look correct right now. He’s got options, let him find his stroke down in AAA where he’s never played. Mike Jacobs is what he is…a defensively challenged power hitter who is probably no better than a .250 hitter. Chris Carter has caught everyone’s attention with his remarkable hitting prowess, but is another defensive liability. Ike Davis is the best option among all comers. The Mets are either worried about to much pressure with Ike, being that Beltran and Reyes are out, or they’re trying to keep his arbitration time clock from ticking too early. It better be the former and not the latter… If I had my choice to start at 1B, It would go Ike, Carter, Jacobs, Murphy. The Mets will probably do that in inverse order… In fact, it looks like Ike has already been cut from camp.

At SS, Reuben Tejada has shown good range, and is hitting well enough to replace Reyes for a few weeks. (If you can call hitting only .349 in a team high 49 spring AB’s well enough) However, it appears the Mets will go with Alex Cora as the starter.

 Also, the Mets received some encouraging news today and there’s a good chance that Jose Reyes may be able to play on Opening Day after-all. That of course remains to be seen and I would caution the Mets to proceed slowly and with caution, but it would render the Cora/Tejada debate a mute point. 

In the rotation Johan hasn’t been great this spring. This guy is a horse and his elbow is healthy and he’ll win and pitch well. I firmly believe he’ll be fine. Ollie Perez has been okay…I do like that he’s throwing strikes and replicating his delivery pitch after pitch. Mike Pelfrey hasn’t fared too well and he was lit up again yesterday, but the inference was he was working on some different things… That, and a strong wind blowing out contributed to his poor outing. (I wish I could believe that with certainty) John Maine was decent last time out but really for the most part has been a horror show in games this spring as evidenced by his 11.39 ERA. More disturbing is his WHIP that is over 2.00. Jon Niese hasn’t been particularly effective either. A WHIP near 2.00 for him as well to go with his 7.04 ERA.

Hisanori Takahashi has been great… That must mean he’s ticketed for the long relief job or the opening day start in Buffalo. Nelson Figueroa belongs on this team as well, based on his performance. This spring the Mets care not for performance. This means there are probably a half dozen teams salivating over his possible impending demotion which Nelson will refuse and thereby become a free agent. Pat Misch is another who’s had an excellent spring so that must mean he too will not be there come opening day… Then again maybe the Mets waning interest in Joe Beimel (who according to a report on MLB Trade Rumors has signed a minor league deal with the Rockies) is because Misch will be the other lefty in the pen… 

K-Rod will be fine, I think Bobby Parnell has made the team and Ryota Igarashi as well. (Iggy making it not based on performance however.) It appears the Mets have no reservations about Jenrry Mejia making the team as a reliever. He’s probably coming north. Pedro Feliciano is a rock of consistency. Sean Green may be a DL candidate due to his toe injury (nothing severe?) or, if healthy, he may get dealt, if the Mets take Takahashi and Misch north.

Do I believe in Comebacks? I want to… But I find myself trying to answer more than that simple “theme” question… I find myself asking, ‘What will I do again this July and August if the Mets don’t contend?” Probably writing and blogging about Wayne Krivsky and Wally Backman taking over… How’s that for an answer.