Darryl Strawberry…You Are The Weakest Link…GOODBYE!

Boy the last few weeks haven’t been very kind to a few former Metropolitans.  Those of you out there who are amongst the millions of reality TV viewers, might have noticed that Darryl Strawberry was among a group of celebrities vying for top billing on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Ok I admit I SOMETIMES watch the train wrecks that are reality TV. What can I say I get a slight chuckle in seeing other people do insanely stupid things for slight notoriety.

The whole Celebrity Apprentice premise is based on Trump’s show where a group of people perform tasks in order to eventually earn a position in the Trump organization.

The twist with the celebs is basically everything they do is for a charity of their choosing. So if they win each week’s tasks, their charity’s get a twenty thousand dollar donation. Strawberry was there supporting Autism awareness, certainly a worthwhile and noble goal.

So on last night’s episode what does the Straw that stirs the Donald’s drink do, HE QUITS! Now normally I wouldn’t have a problem with a celebrity quitting a television show.

I mean seriously who cares, but for some reason, Darryl quit and it annoyed the ever loving pine tar out of me. Whether he was tired, bored, annoyed, underpaid, whatever the reason Darryl walked away. Most irritating , he walked away from his charity.

Way to represent Darryl.  Next time write a check.

Ok, I’m done.

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