Come on, April!

We’re just five days from the start of Opening Day.  We Mets fans have had to endure a lot of anguish these past few seasons, and so far nothing has given us significant indication that 2010 will be a successful season.  In fact, the injuries are continuing to mount, and the rotation still has a giant question mark or five.

But that all doesn’t hide the fact that the calendar turns tomorrow, and it’s no April Fool’s joke that baseball season is upon us.  There is something comforting about that, and for me, it has always been comforting knowing that we’d get to watch baseball for six months (and sometimes more), and more importantly, that our team starts the season 0-0 along with everyone else.

In fact, it’s pretty typical that fans of all 30 major league teams are fired up and optimistic in April, but by May 1 reality has sunk in for about half of those teams. The Mets, hopefully, will give us enough decent baseball to stay in the hunt until June or July.  And (holding my breath) if they overachieve and have a shot at a playoff spot this summer, maybe they’ll even make a move or two at the trade deadline.

Look, you all know how much of a pessimist I can be when it comes to the Mets and the current regime.  But even I can have rose-colored glasses this time of year, and I’m looking forward to putting them on beginning Monday.  Let’s Go Mets!