Believe It Or Not… Mets Edition

Shannon Shark of Mets Police came across another one of those all too familiar big bloopers from the Mets front office, who continue to maintain a stronghold on their title of “The Most Inept Front Office In Baseball”.

Take a look at one of the newest additions to the Mets Fan Walk for the 2010 season…

Looks fantastic huh?

Over a dozen of these brand new Fan Bricks honoring some of the greatest and most memorable moments in Mets history have been added to the newly expanded Fanwalk at Citi Field.

Finally the Mets are showing some much needed love to… well the Mets…

One problem though, and it’s a big one…

This particular fan brick which recognizes the Mets Game 7 win in the 1986 World Series has Sid Fernandez as the winning pitcher, when it was actually Roger McDowell who was the winning pitcher in that unforgettable game.

I know it’s been a long time since the Mets last won a World Series, but has it been so long that the front office actually forgot something as significant as the game seven wining pitcher?

Poor Roger McDowell… the Mets’ all-time biggest prankster finally got one pulled on him…

Seriously though, what a terrible job… Doesn’t anybody proofread these things before they are given the okay to create them?

Shame on you guys….

Incidentally, for a look at many of the other new features at Citi Field, check out this link to johnql’s photobucket stream.

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