The Six Pack is Back

This morning when I opened up my email I was both shocked and surprised to see an email from the Mets saying they were offering six pack ticket programs this year, and we could order them right away. For years I was seven pack holder at Shea Stadium. Last season, when Citifield opened the Mets did away with the seven packs, in favor of a 15 game pack. Sorry, from both a financial and domestic ( no way my wife would let me go to 15 games), the 15 pack didn’t work for me.

I think the return of the six pack can be traced to a few things. Firstly, its obvious a lot of Met fans are disgusted with the way this organization is going. Quite frankly I don’t recall seeing this type of anger directed at both the G.M. and ownership since the 1970s. The disgusted fans are sending a message to the Mets the only way they can: by not renewing their ticket packages.

The second reason I think the Mets are offering six packs, is due to the current economy. The area is still in a recession. People are thinking two or three times about what to do with their discretionary income (if they are lucky enough to have any). Its simple math, 15 ticktes are a heck of a lot more expensive than six tickets.

I think this is one of the smarter move the Mets have made. Fans may not want to spend a lot of money watching a team that may finish no higher than 4th place. The less expensive plan also allows fans who may not otherwise be able to see Met games live, get to Citifield at least six times.