Rubber, Meet Road

mark 3d Reader Question #1

It’s that time, Mets fans, to start getting into the groove and rhythm before the season officially starts. After last season’s end and a tepid offseason, what should we be looking for out on the fields of PSL?

I don’t live down there anymore regretfully so those that made the trip, please send me some weekly love and updates. I appreciate it!

The mantra for most is: It’s just the pre-season and the games don’t count. I vote for energy, drive, and determination, a renewed focus if you will. Some of my peers have already noticed a difference in the players’ interviews, on field demeanor, and a “no-nonsense” attitude overall. That’s a plus and hopefully a catalyst for what we expect to see in less than a month or so.

There are a lot of questions to be answered. The correct answers can make our orange and blue clad warriors title contenders and possibly even playoff bound.

  • Who will step up in the rotation ito grab the #2 spot? Johan is solid as our ace, but this two-spot in the rotation is still yet to be defined. Someone amongst Big Pelf, Ollie (with the awesome beard and degree from the Institute), J Maine or Escobar (which may be a reach as of late) or someone unmentioned has a shot at doing something crucial to help this team.
  • Will the young pitchers respond to the enthusiasm, expertise, and experience of the Barajas/Blanco combo? They better or it could mean their jobs. (That applies to all three of the aforementioned starters. Trust me. They are on a short leash.)
  • Will D-Wright do damage at the 4 (possibly) or 5 (more likely) spot in the lineup? With Jay Bay behind him, this should cause much trouble for opposing pitchers. This alone makes the Bay signing very significant.
  • Which Jose Reyes will we see? I saw a couple over the past 2 years. I prefer the boisterous, fun-loving, and excited Jose as this one clearly produced more than the tepid version 2.0. Sometimes the sequels are not better than the original. Just sayin’.
  • What’s the prognosis for first base? Murphy? Coste? Tatis? DAVIS? Guesswork on my part as some things are yet unclear.  I would offer a supposition that the Mets will probably go with Murphy (Thanks, Mex) and see where it takes them. They will change the oil if the car’s not running well probably by July.

I’m sure there are other questions in your mind ranging from the farm system, the bench, and the relief pitching, such as who will manage the 8th inning. The time for talking is almost over but it’s fun to consider the options. This is where the rubber meets the road. The season certainly depends on it. Speak on this.