Mets Out Of Money? I’m Not So Sure

Ken Rosenthal and John Morosi wrote yesterday for, that the Mets are out of money. This comes after Buster Onley of ESPN made a similar claim. I do think the Mets may not have had as much money to spend this off season as they did in the past, but I’m not buying that they are suddenly “out of money”.

The Mets have are set to pay newly acquired Jason Bay eight million dollars in 2010. Some may say that Bay’s back loaded contract is proof that the Mets are out of funds or, as I tend to believe, it could have meant that the Mets felt they would be able to swing another big move or two but failed to do so.

The Mets are also said to have had offers out to both Bengie Molina and Joel Pineiro. Both signed elsewhere, but the Mets did have offers on the table according to many people inside baseball. My math tells me that the Mets had to have had more than ten to twelve million dollars on the table to those two players in order to have been in the running. Molina signed with the Giants because the Mets stood firm on a one year deal, while Pineiro got tired of waiting for the Mets to improve their offer and signed with the Angels.

The money that was offered to these two unsigned players could not have just vanished. I believe that after losing out on coveted players, Omar Minaya found it unwise to overpay for players he did not particularly care for. I am in no way standing up for Minaya, because this was a time for him to get creative and improve his team. But I am just not buying the reports the Mets are out of money, and neither should you.