Mets Current Roster As Good As It Gets… Until???

The current Mets roster continues to morph into whatever vision Omar Minaya, his underlings and ownership have for the team. We can all question the moves or lack thereof, but for the time being with the exception of a few smaller moves, the Met roster seems pretty set.

The Met payroll will be far lower this year. We can all argue about why, the Madoff fallout, anticipated lower attendance, dearth of quality talent in free agency, the fact is it is lower, way lower. If you look over at Cots Baseball Contracts the estimated Met payroll for 2009 stood at $149,373,987. The estimated 2010 commitment for the Mets is around $122-127 million (this based off who will make the team and who won’t.) That’s $22-27 million dollars difference in the black Met fans.

In my estimation, this leaves open the possibility of some quality acquisitions for this team in mid-season. I, personally, believe this has been the ‘Plan’ spoken of when the Mets hierarchy developed their plan for the offseason. Go after Bay, and get a starter, but only at their price. They would not overpay for mediocre talent that they felt was no better than what they already had. So, they valued players at what they valued them at, and, would not go over the dollar amount they assigned to each free agent. The pitching they sought wasn’t available at their price, so they went with what they have…

The Met farm system is now rated “middle of the pack” by some. This is a wonderful improvement over previous years, when it was rated near the bottom of all the minor leagues systems.  It seems their international signings have supplemented some weak draft classes. The Mets will more than likely have some ‘chips’ to deal at the deadline.  There will most certainly be dollars available for deals to be made.

When examining that possibility, we can all identify certain guys. I always look at perceived weaknesses on our team such as first base, second base, starting and relief pitching. The question being, what players will be available at the deadline? This is hard to ascertain because we don’t know who’ll get hurt, who won’t sign a contract extension, who will be a contender/non contender. I, myself, feel the Mets have identified certain players, let other GM’s know they are interested in those players if they are moved and to contact them should their situations change, and/or their demands are lowered.

The Mets may be able to hold teams over a barrel this summer because they will have available dollars to take on contracts. The only other team who may have that flexibility is the Yankees. So, for all of us screaming about why the Mets did not just pay Joel Pineiro or Jason Marquis or sign Ben Sheets, remember that the 2010 season is long. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Something bigger and better may be on the horizon. Spring is hope. Let’s just hope this is truly the situation. If it is not the situation and the Mets are close and don’t make a sensible deal for decent help at the deadline or before, Met nation will revolt. Are you listening Mr. Wilpon, Omar, et al?

It’s my belief that the only deals the Mets will make in season or during the spring will be for pitching. I don’t think Omar will trade quality prospects for a bat. The Met farm system is “on the come”.  Rejoice Met nation! Dollars are available for in season acquisitions. Rejoice Met Nation! Spring games start on Monday. Rejoice Met nation! Jenrry Mejia actually throws 97. It’s not hype. Rejoice Met nation!