If You Were The Mets GM…

If one plans to fail, there’s no easier route to get there than by failing to plan…

To the many fans of the Orange and Blue, and bloggers and journalists in general, this topic may be coming too early to garner discussion or deep consideration.

I am a planner and if I was anticipating every possible angle to make enough improvements this year for a beleaguered Mets franchise, it’s not hard to see where to first focus my attention. We have gotten a steady dose of ideas internet-wide.

It’s clear that the job of our GM has become overwhelming to say the least, and possibly leaves little wiggle room if you include the internal dramas and the effect (or non effect depending on who you ask) of the Ponzi scheme.  It’s easy to slam Omar even when much of the criticism is unwarranted. If you were the GM, how would you have addressed the offseason differently? It’s not as easy it may appear…

If, as the Gm, you bought every high priced free agent that came down the pike, you would probably be the equivalent of a 1 year rental because you more than likely will soon be unemployed. Quality over quantity, right?

Would you preserve one of the hardest hit farm systems in the game? Before you answer consider that Buffalo, Binghamton, and Savannah finished dead last respectively with 56-87, 54-86, and 30-37 records and that PSL was middle of the pack and 2 games under .500.

Would you spend like crazy in 2010 and hope that it all pans out regarding chemistry, on the field play, and a post season appearance?

Would you be conservative, and when the next offseason comes around go completely out of the stratosphere and compete for the services of bats like Carl Crawford and arms like Josh Beckett, Cliff Lee, or Brandon Webb? Actually, the ideas are endless, but reasonably what can be done right now?

Whether the well is truly dry or not, the remaining FA class is less than desirable, kind of like that last sandwich in the vending machine. You have to ask yourself are you really THAT hungry?

The 2010 Trade Deadline is a thought. By July 31, it should be clear which of your players you will not sign and who could leave your team without garnering you anything in return.

If the talk about trading for Bronson Arroyo continues throughout the offseason, this is a possible move that can happen before the end of the summer and bolster a post-season run for the Amazins. Brandon Phillips and Francisco Cordero have been other names included in previous rumors. (Note: Felipe Lopez is still a FA)

Here are just a few more names to consider if we have to look to the Trade Deadline to increase our hopes for a postseason appearance and beyond:

Adam Dunn (no Nats extension just yet, just chatting. Big bat, no defense, just a thought) – Magglio Ordonez (Detroit would love to drop him now but do you need him?) – Carlos Lee (Houston always wants to trade him. Big contract but very big bat!) – Ichiro Suzuki (Seattle’s actually considered this) – Aubrey Huff (A $1 mil contact is nothing to escape nowadays) – Adrian Gonzalez (then Murphy won’t have to work with Keith Hernandez so hard. Just kidding. I think that’s a sign of a smart baseball player. Way to go, Murph but we’re talking about….Adrian).

Lots of room for discussion on this topic. If proper planning was exercised earlier, I’m sure you can agree that the face of our beloved team would look a lot different. We may be taking more confidence, depth and stability into our 2010 season, not to mention a fan base with a full head of hair and far less stress. If you were GM right now, what would you do? Now it’s your turn to put on Mr. Minaya’s shoes just for kicks… Oh, the possibilities!