Goodbye Mets Hot Stove, Hello Port St. Lucie

I think that I’ve finally succumbed to Hot Stove fatigue… Information overload… I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so ready for spring training. I just want to move on already. This off season was overloaded with so much misinformation, overblown speculation and an endless stream of conflicting reports. Wow, it was mind-blowing to say the least, especially for Mets fans who I feel bore the brunt of it more-so than any other team.

You may have noticed our stream of daily hot stove updates have subsided despite the ongoing rumors, mutterings, and what ever else you want to call it at this point. It feels like noise now. It doesn’t even make sense anymore.

Four days ago it was reported that Hisanori Takahashi rejected the Mets offer and that he was going to the west coast. Today the Mets are the frontrunner. I guess that Sunday’s earthquake scared him back east. Both reports came from Japan news outlets which proves that conflicting reports is not exclusive to Fox Sports, ESPN and

The Mets have been interested in (and not interested in) Chris Snyder for three months now. Jarrod Washburn has been on the table and off the table so many times he has splinters on his ass. Presently, the latest news is that the Mets are not enthused, but that can change in the next 30 minutes so stay tuned.

Yesterday I posted my interview with Bryan Hoch and I was struck by something he said when asked about his job as a reporter for and Twitter.

The only caveat I have about Twitter is that there seems to be such an emphasis on being first with breaking news, you get a lot of erroneous reports as accuracy suffers. Maybe you’re tweeting a one-source item instead of the multiple confirmations you’d need to publish a full article. But that information is attributed to your name, and to me, tweeting something is the same as reporting it. I’d rather be second and correct than first and wrong. 

Wow, what a concept. Imagine how much greater the Hot Stove season would be if all the journalists and reporters followed that rule of thumb. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rumor mill as much as the next baseball fan, but it definitely needs some revamping. Twitter makes it too easy to just throw something out there that you normally wouldn’t go to press with.

Lately, I read some of the latest Mets rumors and I just can’t bring myself to posting all of them. I read all the tips we get each day in our chat room, and I appreciate the fact that so many of our readers post them. In fact I think it’s freaking awesome. Sach, 224, Bayonne, Maniac, Benji, Brooklyn and all the other regulars, you all rock! Me or my co-writers may not always go to press with everything, but we appreciate your contributions to our MMO community.

I think the fun in blogging comes from analyzing and commenting on Mets news rather than reporting it. We’ll always give you all the Mets moves, trades and signings, but we usually take a pass on reporting many of the rumors you see out there. There’s two great sites that have the rumor mill fully covered in MetsBlog and MLBTR if you want the total experience. 

Where the Mets are concerned, I think it’s time for us to unload all those big sacks of rocks we’re still carrying. It’s time to drop those heavy loads of disappointment, resentment and cynicism. Don’t worry about the possibility of the Mets front office getting a free pass, the media and some sports blogs will never allow that to happen. But with spring training reporting day only a week away, let’s get pumped up for the players… all of them.

I bet Johan Santana, David Wright and Jose Reyes are as disappointed as we are that the Mets failed to upgrade the rotation, but regardless they will put on a happy face and go out and bust their tails for us. They deserve a fan base that will embrace all of them. How can we expect them to play like a team when the fans are openly railing against them even before the season starts?

I remember when Scott Schoeneweis was booed when he took the mound in relief on Opening Day in 2008. It was embarrassing to say the least, but Mets fans saved their worst for Aaron Heilman who came out to a hail of boos and jeers with the Mets up 7-2 in the ninth. He pitched a perfect ninth and struck out two batters. It was sad to see an opening day win ruined by that eight and ninth inning.

Lets not have that happen again. Lets stand behind out team. That’s different than standing behind ownership and management, I would never suggest that. In the next eight weeks, about 50 players will begin to compete for 25 roster spots. Lets watch what happens and let the the best performers win those still to be determined roster spots.

Forget all the players we could have had. It is what it is. If by chance we get a new catcher or starter or second baseman between now and opening day, great. If not, that’s okay too.

The Hot Stove season is thankfully coming to an end. Lets not carry all that excess baggage to Port St. Lucie. Instead, lets just play some baseball and lets see what happens. If there’s one fan base that is an authority on miracles, it’s ours. Lets not forget that.

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