ESPN Is As “Fair and Balanced” As FOX News

This morning I was genuinely touched by the sheer thoughtfulness and care exhibited by Buster Olney of, who took it upon himself to seek out not one, but two talent evaluators to give us an assessment of our catcher Omir Santos.

For those of you who don’t subscribe to ESPN Insider, here is what the two evaluators concluded,

“I think Santos is more like an up/down guy for a good club… Santos is decent emergency protection at AAA for a good club and a backup catcher for a club that isn’t going to contend.  He can run into a fastball, but the more action he sees, the more that his aggressive approach at the plate is likely to be exposed at the big league level.”

“You’d think they’d be more than willing to give Josh Thole a shot to see regular at-bats”, said the other evaluator, “at least he has some upside.”

Gimme a freaking break Buster… Was this your idea of solid investigating reporting? What have we learned that we didn’t already know?

Did we really ned you to seek out two evaluators to tell Mets fans that Omir Santos is best suited to be a backup catcher?

What a waste of your time and ours on something that we already knew that ended up adding nothing to the discussion.

Why didn’t Buster ask those talent evaluators about new Blue Jays starting catcher John Buck who has allowed 100 stolen bases in the last two seasons?

John Buck sports a .16 caught stealing rating and had a woeful .976 fielding percentage last season, not to mention his career .235 batting average.

The Mets are only paying Omir Santos $400K… why not compare that to the $2 million dollars John Buck is getting this year?

Also, after beating up the Mets for pursuing Bengie Molina, where’s the follow up article pounding the Giants for re-signing him? What’s that old saying… “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

It looks like ESPN is beginning to take on the same fair and balanced approach as FOX News, and the Mets have become the FOX equivalent of Bill Clinton these days, with Olney taking on the part of FOX News contributor, Joe the Plumber.

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