Boomer Esiason Calls Out Mets Basher, Ken Rosenthal

Great job by WFAN’s Boomer Esiason who called out Ken Rosenthal on his morning show today for Rosenthal’s latest column in which he continues to perpetuate the allegation that the Mets are broke.

Boomer asks Rosenthal about his claim that “people in the industry” confirmed that the Mets are short on cash pointing to the team’s desire to hold down payroll for the 2010 season.

“The Yankees are doing the same thing, does this mean they are short on cash too?” Rosenthal concludes, “You’re right, the Mets are not the only team doing this and they will still have a top five payroll in 2010”.

Boomer really starts to tear apart Rosenthal’s column when he asks,

“Why do you use terms such as “some in the industry” which I consider to be a throw-away line and it’s only purpose is to alarm readers into saying OMG the Mets are having some major financial problems. You use words like that and it drives Mets fans crazy, but seriously is using a phrase like “some in the industry” evidence that it’s from a valuable or legitimate source?” (nice job by Boomer)

Rosenthal completely skirts the question and says,

“What the phrase says, with regard to the catching situation, what I’ve been hearing from some in the industry, and that’s how we report in baseball and other sports, that hey, the Mets are not in a position to spend anymore money. Look at Jon Garland and Joel Pineiro and how they signed for less than what some expected and yet the Mets did not get involved. Obviously they don’t want to raise payroll anymore, that’s why I wrote what I did.”

Carton chimes in and says that “the Mets have made it well known that aside from Lackey who had no interest in coming to NY, none of the other pitchers out there were any better than the pitchers the Mets already have”. (Solid point)

Boomer says,

“I still don’t get you… You are aware that the Mets have the highest paid starter, highest paid left fielder, highest paid closer, highest paid centerfielder…”

Rosenthal counters,

“I go back to my original point, the Mets are going to have a top five payroll, and I guess they’re not really totally broke. But to have the rotation that they have and not to make one addition, that to me is a shocking development.” (shocking development?)

Boomer, “Isn’t this the same rotation that exactly one year ago was predicted to go all the way and win the World Series?”

Rosenthal, “The single most baffling news of the 2010 off season was that Joel Pineiro wanted to come to the Mets, it doesn’t happen, he and ends up going to the Angels for a deal that was lower than expected.”

Carton, “But didn’t the Mets make him an offer?”

Rosenthal, “Yeah… they made him an offer… but my original point was about their  decision making.” (umm, whatever dude)

Rosenthal goes into his Mets “paint by numbers” approach to the off season and is then cut off as Boomer completely hammers him and says,

“I don’t have a problem if you believe that Wilpon is too hands on and Omar isn’t a real general manager, that’s your opinion, but my problem with you is when you say “industry sources say the Mets are short on cash”. It could be someone with an ax to grind against the Mets for all I know, or maybe it’s even the Yankees saying it. I just think it’s a cheap shot Kenny.” (Go Boomer!)

Rosenthal goes into hyper-defense mode,

“You’re assuming my sources have an ax to grind, you have no idea who my sources are. I’m not buying this cheap shot stuff! Their payroll is going to be down this year”


“So is the Yankees!”

It’s hammer time… This is great listening if you happen to be a Mets fan who is sick and tired of how the media has portrayed the Mets all offseason. Awesome job by Boomer…

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