Opinion: Who Is Baseball’s Worst GM?

In a post featured in yesterday’s USA Today, they asked the poll question:

The article mentions a few of their highlights/lowlights from the past two seasons.

Dayton Moore, Royals — Podsednik, Jason Kendall, Mike Jacobs, Yuniesky Betancourt
Omar Minaya, Mets — Oliver Perez, J.J. Putz, Jason Bay?
Jim Hendry, Cubs — Milton Bradley, Aaron Miles, Marlon Byrd?
Brian Sabean, Giants — Edgar Renteria, Ryan Garko, Aubrey Huff?
Ed Wade, Astros — Darin Erstad, Brandon Lyon, Pedro Feliz?

I’m not an Omar supporter as most of you know, but to say he’s the worst GM in baseball is a bit of a stretch. Also, if you are going to include highlights of the last two seasons, why isn’t Johan Santana and Jeff Francoeur listed?

I feel Sabean and Hendry are much worse than Minaya, and while everyone including myself raked Minaya over the coals for the $24 million dollar Luis Castillo deal, at least he didn’t give $125 million dollars to Barry Zito or $140 million to Alfonso Soriano.

Hat tip to Seven Train To Shea where I I first saw the link to this story.

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