Ben Sheets And Show Me The Money

Ben Sheets is by no means the only selfish ballplayer.  In fact he’s just one of the vast majority.  But I chose to pick on him because his name is so prominent in the news right now, as he tries to find a team to gamble and guarantee him a lot of money.

If you don’t know, Ben Sheets has been injury prone for most of his entire career.  He has averaged just 18 starts per year over the last five years.  In 2005 it was an inner ear infection that limited him to 22 starts.  Then started the chronic back problems.  In 2006, shoulder tendinitis limited him to 17 starts.  In 2008, he came back and pitched extremely well until August when the pain moved down his arm and to his elbow.  What followed was elbow surgery.  He missed all of 2009.

What is Ben Sheets looking for?  Sheets is in search of a contract worth $10-12 million annually. He has refused to audition his arm for potential suiters all off season long, despite the combination of his lofty demands and the unknown status of his arm. That was then and this is now. Due to the lack of any serious interest in him, he has changed his tune and is hoping to show that his elbow is back to full health and will audition with a short throwing session this Tuesday.

Tim Kurkjian from ESPN talked to Sheets last week.  He reported that Sheets feels “refreshed” and “fantastic” and thinks he can regain his old form and be a #1 starter again.  Sheets added,  “Watch, I’ll show ’em”.

Which sucker of a team will take the bait and show him the money – guaranteed.