Beltran Surgery Aftermath Fueling Wild Speculation

The news that Carlos Beltran underwent arthroscopic surgery on his ailing knee, hit Mets fans like a tidal wave on Wednesday night. The procedure was performed in Colorado by his personal physician, Dr. Richard Steadman.

The Mets issued a statement that he would be able to resume baseball activities in 12 weeks, but who knows when he will be ready to play in actual games again? You would have to believe there would be two weeks of batting, running and throwing in some sort of extended spring training, followed by two weeks of rehab games in Brooklyn and Buffalo. That would put his return sometime around May 15th, causing him to miss the first quarter of the season.

As if the news isn’t bad enough, panic stricken fans and bloggers are speculating on some very unrealistic worse case scenarios. Already tonight, I’ve read some blogs reporting that Beltran secretly had micro-fracture surgery and could really miss the season, or that Scott Boras hatched this plan in some sort of a conspiracy that involved Oliver Perez as well. Everybody relax.

There is one report by the Post’s Joel Sherman, who said someone familiar with the situation told him the Mets will pursue legal action. He writes,

The Mets are definitely claiming Beltran procedure done without their blessing, and are threatening some form of action.

I hardly believe the Mets, who are still in need of a public relations lobotomy, would risk further damage to their already tarnished image by suing one of their core players for choosing to follow the advice of his personal physician. Let’s not forget that last season Beltran was outraged at how the Mets misdiagnosed him and allowed him to play with a condition that came dangerously close to jeopardizing his career with micro-fracture surgery.

I’m also surprised at the number of Mets fans who find it unbelievable that Beltran chose to follow the advice of his personal physician instead of the Mets doctor. Based on what transpired in 2009, why are Beltran’s actions so shocking and unbelievable?

Later today, we’ll know more about the situation during a conference call with the Mets. It will clear up some of the murkiness and misinformation being fueled mostly by people who are uninformed and just fanning the flames.

In the meantime, lets instead discuss how this affects the Mets lineup in 2010.

Do the Mets simply hand centerfield over to Angel Pagan as they did last season?

Shouldl they make a trade for some temporary help?

I read a few suggestions that we try to sign Rick Ankiel or Endy Chavez, any thoughts on them?

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