Back Off Birdies!

Carlos Delgado is currently playing in the Puerto Rican Winter League and is interested in returning next season. Likewise, the Mets are interested in bringing the slugging first baseman back to New York. 

Delgado had a good start to the 2009 season with a .298/.393/.521 line. Of course, that was all in a total of 26 games as the 37-year old first baseman underwent season-ending right hip surgery back in May.

The Mets are not the only team interested in Delgado though, according to the Boston Globe, the Baltimore Orioles are also very interested in him as a first baseman. They could also use him as a DH, though they seem to prefer a right-handed DH.

If the Mets want to re-aquire the lefty-slugger they need to make a move before Baltimore does.

Delgado is only 17 home runs away from the 500th of his career.

The 24-year-old lefty-hitting Daniel Murphy, who batted .266 with 12 home runs and 63 RBIs in 155 games during his first full season in the big leagues in ‘09, is currently the Mets’ 2010 first baseman.