Pat Burrell For Luis Castillo? Terrible Idea!

Luis Castillo for Pat Burrell?

Says who?

I don’t know who concocted this crazy rumor, but it’s about as nuts as the one that had us going after Milton Bradley. Actually, I’d rather have Bradley than Burrell, at least Bradley can field his position and he still has a potent bat.

The only reason the Mets are trading Luis Castillo is not because of his offense (which is still pretty solid), but it’s because of his limited range at second base. He sucks defensively on so many levels except for turning the double play. I absolutely hope we do trade him and bring in Orlando Hudson on a reasonable deal, but no way would I ever trade him for Pat Burrell.

Why on earth would we want Burrell who is not only terrible offensively (.221/.315/.367),  but he has the worst range among left fielders in the game.

He’s literally a slug out there and would even make Daniel Murphy look like Carl Crawford in left. Can you even imagine the horror of seeing Burrell patrolling one of the largest left field territories in the league?

And for those who see him as a solution at first base (either part time or full time) give me a freaking break. He was so bad at first base when he first came up in 2000, that he was banished to leftfield where the Phillies thought he would do the least amount of damage. He hasn’t even picked up a first baseman’s glove in almost 10 years.

Castillo’s .732 OPS blows Burrell’s .682 out of the water, and Burrell struck out 119 times in 412 at-bats – that’s twice as many strikeouts as Castillo had (58).

I can almost here the snickers coming from Philadelphia, and see the sight of Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino giving us the universal choke sign.

One more thing, can we please stop referring to Burrell as a Met Killer, because those days ended long ago.

However, if you really want to resurrect his status as a Mets Killer, than go ahead and make the trade. He’ll kill us alright, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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