Mets Merized Player Of The Year For 2009!

Welcome to the end of 2009, and the beginning of 2010. It has been a rough year for Mets fans, and it seemed as if things weren’t going to get any better until the Mets finally came to an agreement with Jason Bay, who will provide some excitement in the new year. However, there were still some things to be happy about in 2009.

I’m not going to lie to you. The stats weren’t pretty in 2009. Jeff Francoeur led the Mets in many of the offensive categories, and that was mainly because he spent half the year with the Braves, not to take away from his scorching debut in New York. No Met had 30 stolen bases, hit 40 doubles, smacked 15 homers(excluding Jeff), or scored 100 runs. On the pitching side of things, Pelfrey led the Mets in starts (31) and IP (184.1), and only three pitchers on the entire staff sported a record above .500.

It wasn’t all bad however, I promise you that. Met fans were able to see Francisco Rodriguez make his debut as the new closer for the Mets, and Jeff Francoeur became our new right fielder. We saw flashes of promise and a glimmer of hope for the future in Josh Thole, Fernando Martinez, Jon Niese, Robert Parnell, and Tobi Stoner. And of course, I won’t leave out the always lovable Nelson Figueroa, along with Pat Misch and Fernando Nieve who pitched successfully for the Mets.

Did I leave somebody out???

Oh, of course… The MetsMerized Player Of The Year!

Johan Santana. Just his name strikes fear into opposing lineups. Johan Santana is a true bulldog and the argument can be made that he is the only reason the Mets pitching staff was not a total failure last year. He is consistent, he is confident, and he is dominant. Santana is reliable, is a true ace, and is still one of the best pitchers in the Major Leagues.

The Mets would be nowhere without Johan Santana, and even though he was injured last year, he still put up decent stats. Here they are:

  13 9 3.13 25 25 0 0 0 0 166.2 156 67 58 20 3 46 3 146 1 2 2 0 1 .244

Johan Santana is, and most likely will continue to be, the man. He deserves a ton of respect for playing his heart out for a team that was ravaged by injuries and whose season was quickly going down the drain.

Fortunately, a new season with new faces and renewed hope will see the Mets rise to the top again, and leading the way will be our 2009 Mets Merized Player of the Year, Johan Santana.

A Summary Of My Award Winners This Year

Players Of The Week

One Hit Wonders: Ryan Church, Johan Santana,  David Wright, Fernando Tatis, Nelson Figueroa.

Been There, Done That Twice: Luis Castillo, Angel Pagan, Daniel Murphy.

Three’s Company: Jeff Francoeur.

Players Of The Month

Luis Castillo (July 2009), Angel Pagan (August 2009), Daniel Murphy (September 2009).

A Final Note On 2009, The Decade, And The NYM…

Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight we move on to 2010 after another amazing decade of Mets baseball. I would never trade it for the world. As each day passes, I’ve enjoyed reading all the differing opinions on the past, the present and the future of the Mets here at Mets Merized. The recurring theme is simple, and it is such : We love the Mets. Maybe we’re suckers… or maybe we’re the best fan base in the world. We, as a fan base, young and old, male or female, unite under the common love for this team. As 2010 approaches, I encourage all of you, bloggers and readers alike, to keep expressing your opinions and keep the discourse alive and well. I conclude simply with this…

We believe in 2010 and every year after that, because we are Met fans.

LGM and Happy New Year!