It’s Been A While

The title of this post works in more than one way. It’s been a while since I have sat down and wrote an article, and it’s been a while since we’ve seen a major move from the Mets. Of course, that hinders on what you consider a major move, but looking at what the opposition has done so far this offseason, it’s not exactly easy to sit back and stay calm. Now I understand the pain and the angst that any Met fan is experiencing right now, but I will play Omar for a few seconds and hope that you will stay patient.

The Mets tend to be good for at least one big signing or trade per offseason, big being a relative term (See : Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana, Francisco Rodriguez.), and I do think we’ll be seeing at least one big move. Personally, I feel it will be Jason Bay, and I agree with that course of action (Only because Lackey and Halladay are off the market.) In any case, I figured I’d take the time to weigh on current NYM activity and put my spin on things.

Jason Bay: The Mets need Jason Bay as much as Jason Bay needs the Mets. They seem to be his only suitor right now, and frankly, I am fine with that. I want Jason Bay over Matt Holliday, because I feel he’d be better suited for Citi Field. Now don’t get me wrong here, because I’ll make this clear. The Mets need pitching more than offense, and at that, good pitching. But right now, the biggest thing that can be done to help the team is bolstering the offense. Admittedly, five years is a long contract. My offer at the moment : 4 Years at 68 MM with fifth year vesting option.

Bengie Molina: Bengie Molina is a very interesting option because he can produce offensively at the C position, but he is aging and asking for a lot of length in his contract. He is reportedly seeking a three-year deal, but he might accept a two-year deal. Right now the Mets offer is one-year with an option, and I agree with this. We don’t need Molina, but he would be nice. Be wary however, Mets fans, because Josh Thole is no Mike Piazza.

Orlando Hudson: Orlando Hudson’s name always comes up because he reportedly always wants to play for the Mets. Honestly, even Kelly Johnson might be a better option at 2B for the Mets, because I personally consider Luis Castillo a liability in the Mets offense. I think the Mets need Brandon Phillips at 2B, not Hudson. However, I would take Hudson over Castillo. The Mets should revisit Castillo-Byrnes and Byrnes would make a decent 4th OF.

Joel Pineiro: I’ll keep this one simple. No. I don’t want him, and someone else can have him. He pitched 200 Innings for the first time since what, 2003? I don’t want him. Dave Duncan can keep him. Yes, admittedly, he won’t do horrible at Citi Field, but he wants 10 MM per year, and I don’t want to be the team that gives it to him.

Aroldis Chapman/Yuniesky Maya: Again, this one seems simple enough. Yes. I want them both. Chapman alot more than Maya, but believe me, these two could go a long way for the future of the Mets, even if they end up being traded. I like what I have heard about Chapman, and his price tag is definitely more appealing to me than Pineiro’s.

Ben Sheets/Erik Bedard: Yes, I’d be the guy to give Ben Sheets 12 MM if he proved to me his arm is healthy. I’m not kidding. I’d rather give Sheets 2/20 than Joel 3/30. Call me crazy, but if Sheets is healthy, he is an ace pitcher for any team. He’s a risk, yes, but he’s a gamble I would take. If Bedard could be had for less than 4 MM, I’d take him. He used to be somewhat of an ace for Baltimore, in a hitter’s park in the AL east. That’s something to think about.

Kelvim Escobar/Ryota Igarashi/Clint Everts: I love all of these signings. They were cheap, and a couple of these guys can be effective weapons for the Mets late in games. For about a combined 3 MM, the Mets may have found effective 7th and 8th inning relievers. I’m just going off upside, don’t quote me on that. Clint Everts was a coveted arm and may actually be of some use to the Mets in 2010.

Now this is all purely opinion and speculation, but I’d like to hear what you’ve got to say in response. Later this week, I’ll try to get something up about what players I feel the Mets should be going after for cost-effective solutions.