I’m Tired of Waiting!

In the last 24 hours, Mets fans watched in agony as John Lackey signed with the Red Sox and Roy Halladay got traded to the Phillies. And I hate to add anymore pain to this, but the Cardinals have allegedly offered Matt Holliday one the highest contracts in their team history, according to ESPN.

Sure, we made an offer to Jason Bay, but it is for four years and Bay wants a guaranteed five years. We signed Chris Coste, Henry Blanco and made an offer to Bengie Molina, because apparently, Omar Minaya’s goal this offseason is to sign every free agent pitcher on the market.

Well guess what? We can say next year is our year all we want, but I’m tired of waiting! I’m tired of Omar Minaya signing the same type of player. I’m tired of our rotation falling apart in the middle of August, I’m tired of our core players not performing when it really matters, and most of all, I’m tired of the ownership doing nothing about it. And the sad part about the whole thing is that ownership doesn’t feel the need to do anything because they know once Spring Training rolls around, we’ll all be rooting for the Mets, albeit with our eyes covered. The only thing that the Wilpons and the front office have done for the fans was send an email saying that “sorry we sucked, maybe we’ll do better next year.”

Well, when this time next year rolls around, the whole “sorry we sucked, maybe we’ll do better next year” thing won’t cut it. They should really send a letter that says, “sorry that Omar sat on his hands the last two offseasons and signed 37-year-old and 38-year-old catchers and we will fix it.”

I understand that the Mets can’t sign every free agent player on the market. I would gladly welcome Jason Bay (back) to the Mets. But our rotation is one huge hole that should have taken precedence over acquiring an outfielder.

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