Do Star Studded Acquisitions Lead To Winning Seasons?

This morning while scouring the barren depths of the Mets blogosphere for anything newsworthy to share with you, I came across a very interesting article in the Daily News by Bob Raisman. He correctly states that building a team that has lasting positive effects is far better than targeting a big star for the purpose of an immediate public relations hit that usually fades once the season is underway.

Of course, a team’s fortunes in the won/loss column will have a direct effect on things like ticket sales, product sales, viewer ratings and sponsorships. The downside of a losing season became all too apparent for the Wilpon’s who are the majority owners of SNY. The network took a big hit in ratings and of course ad revenue after the Mets’ season took a dramatic turn for the worse last season.

The article reminds me that not only are the Mets struggling to sell ticket packages and new retro uniforms, but unless they get back to their winning ways, lower revenues from their cable network could seriously impact their bottom line and thus their ability to maintain the National League’s highest payroll.

In the past, Omar Minaya always manages to come away from each off season with a marquis name that he could dangle before our eyes. While high priced stars rallied the fan base and gave the team a quick PR boost in the media, in the end only a sustainable winning season is really what matters most. Additionally, we not only should strive to win in 2010, but also ensure that the moves we make have a positive lasting effect that carry a solid Mets team far into the next decade. 

The Mets must embrace a shift in philosophy and recognize the importance of surrounding those big stars with role players and quality depth at each position both in the Majors and the minor leagues. We must start to build a more complete roster than in years past, because in the end it really boils down to the success of the entire team and not the gaudy stats of the 4-5 stars you brought in. The bottom line is wins, and it’s important for the Mets to remember that as they try to fulfill the promise they publicly made of putting a championship caliber team on the field in 2010.

All I’m saying is that we should update that last line to read “2010 and beyond”.

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