There Can Never Be Another “Game Six”

Tonight’s game six, between the Yankees and the Phillies has the makings of a great game.  It should be an intriguing pitching match up between Pedro Martinez and Andy Pettitte.  Most would predict a low scoring duel between two pitchers in the twilights of their careers.  Both Pedro and Andy have had comeback seasons, when it looked like their careers might instead be over.

Who knows?  Maybe Teixeira will break out of his slump, and hit a 3 run HR.  For the Phillies, Ryan Howard is overdue.  He hasn’t hit a home run all series.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a back and forth hitters duel, and high scoring affair.

Or maybe, due to the cold weather, it will be an error filled game with a lot of unearned runs.

Imagine a late inning “ground ball trickling” towards first baseman Mark Texeira.  Wouldn’t it be sweet if it got by him and scored the winning run.  Not likely.

Regardless of what happens in tonight’s game six, Mets fans can always relish in the knowledge, that there will never be another “Game Six”.  It is ours to savor forever.