Some More Mets Do-Overs…

As reported on MetsBlog, yesterday on MLB Network, Jon Heyman of said that “the Mets would love a do-over” with free agent pitcher Randy Wolf. 

Stop the presses…

Exactly what does that mean?

Did Heyman get a call before his scheduled appearance from Omar Minaya who told him that if he could do it all over again, he would have signed Wolf last offseason?

Was this Heyman just throwing something out there just so he could fill the air time in his 5 minute spot?

Like it or not, the Mets are stuck with Oliver Perez, so I find it difficult to believe that anyone in the Mets front office would make a comment that in essence says that they wish they had never signed him. Because that’s exactly what Heyman’s comment implies.

There’s no doubt that many in the Mets hierarchy already know what a disaster the Oliver Perez signing was, including Minaya himself, but are they stupid enough to further shatter the confidence of Oliver Perez who is already on the verge of a mental meltdown? And who by the way, is still owed $24 million dollars?

Is there anyone among us who haven’t already wished we had a do-over on Oliver Perez and Randy Wolf? I must have said it or thought it a million times myself…

Sometimes this hot stove stuff can become very silly. Yesterday, a dozen rumors emerged that Mark Teahen was traded to the White Sox, only to find out that there is no deal.

At the same time that the non-trade of Teahen was going on, there were no rumors leading up to the Red Sox actually acquiring Jeremy Hermida from the Marlins. We all found out about it after both teams released statements to the press that they struck a deal. How refreshing… and I didn’t have a splitting headache leading up to it either…

Here are some more do-overs the Mets would love… (National sports journalists, feel free to use them.)

Mets wish they had a do-over on the Putz trade which in retrospect netted them very little in exchange for six players. (Hopefully they’ll stay away from players with untreated bone spurs in the future.)

Mets wish they had a do-over when they named Daniel Murphy as their everyday leftfielder and Mike Pelfrey their number two starter. (Will they repeat the mistake and name Omir Santos the everyday catcher?)

Mets wish they had a do-over when they replaced the old homerun apple with a $2 million dollar apple that didn’t work. (Luckily, the Mets hitting back to back homeruns is a pretty rare occurrence these days.)

Mets wish they had a do-over on how they initially handled many of the Mets player injuries. (Although I’m not sure a do-over would change anything.)

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